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Duplicate cases in Salesforce® wreaking havoc?

Duplicate cases in Salesforce® create friction, waste resources, and skew support metrics.

Case Merge Premium creates a better experience:
  • Automatically find, merge, and deduplicate cases.
  • New responses from customers are associated with the correct case.
  • 100% native to Salesforce: secure and seamless.

Remove Agent Friction

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The problems caused by duplicates

Duplicate cases in Salesforce can occur in several ways, including customers contacting your business about the same issue through multiple channels (web, email, phone, chat, etc).

Duplicate cases pose challenges for customer service teams:

Multiple agents waste time working on the same issue.
Agents get frustrated searching multiple case records to find customer information.
Team metrics like response time, case volume, and resolution rate are impacted.
Customers receive slower or inconsistent service, opening even more duplicate cases.
Salesforce Administrators are bombarded with data quality issues and requests.

The solution is Case Merge Premium

Automatically find, merge, and deduplicate cases

At a glance, agents can quickly see if there are duplicate cases in Salesforce. Team leaders and authorized users get an org-wide view of duplicates.

‍And while Salesforce’s basic duplicate management is limited, Case Merge Premium can merge 9 cases at once.

Automerge (paid add-on) takes it a step further and does the work for your customer service team by automatically merging duplicates based on settings you can define.

New responses from customers are associated with the correct case

All data is preserved when merging. No need to delete duplicate cases or tell your customers that there is a new case. Old cases that were merged can still receive inbound responses: If a customer responds to a duplicate case, the response is automatically redirected to the correct case.

100% native to Salesforce: secure and seamless

Case Merge Premium is 100% native, which means your data never leaves Salesforce. Existing Salesforce rules and security permissions are respected. Duplicate detection and the process for merging cases are a seamless experience, and agents continue working in Salesforce as they normally do.

Case Merge Premium is highly flexible and configurable by Salesforce admins.

"Case Merge Premium has been a life saver for the team."

Karla Goodman
Senior Business Systems Analyst, Kimball International