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Image of hands using a laptop and holding a mobile phone. On top of the image are icons of various concepts, all connected. This image signifies High Tech.

High Tech

Lifeline IT
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Floating icons tiles with a blurry hand in the background pointing to A customer service icon. This is an image for IT Services.

IT Services

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An abstract image of pipes, in blue tones. This image signifies Manufacturing,


Herman Miller
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Image of hands on a laptop with a wireframe of files and folders floating above the hands.

Computer Software

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Cornerstone Information Systems
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Stacks of coins with a blurred blue background. Superimposed on top of that are white charts and graphs. This is an image for Financial Services.

Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality

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image of the backs of students graduating, wearing caps and gowns. The focus is on one person with dirty-blond hair in the foreground. This image signifies Higher Education.

Higher Education

Oregon State University
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