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Case Flags

Case Flags is a 100% native app for Salesforce that automatically prioritizes agent workload to improve response time and help support teams meet their SLAs.

Prioritize Cases Intelligently

Customers don’t like to wait. Automatically prioritize cases and prevent SLA violations.

Always Know What to Work on Next

Color-coded flags clearly let agents know which cases require responses. No more cherry-picking.

Improve Responsiveness

Start measuring and decreasing response times right away, per agent or org-wide. Don’t let a waiting customer become an ex-customer.

Install it:

1. Visit the AppExchange.
2. Install for Specific Profiles.
3. Select Full Access for all profiles.
4. Click Install.
Please note: Email to Case must be enabled prior to installation.
Image of the Case Flags AppExchange Tile.

Pitch it:

  • Problem: Support agents have no effective way to prioritize their workload, which leads to cherry-picking easy cases, breached SLAs, and cases slipping through the cracks.
  • Solution: Case Flags automatically delivers the highest priority case to agents, and uses color-coded flags as visual cues to signal what stage the case is in.
Screenshot from Vicasso's Case Flags app highlighting the Utility Bar

Demo it:

  • Open a case list view and demonstrate how an agent would need to click into each case, wait for it to load, and then decide if it’s the most urgent case.
  • Then, show how the process of opening your next case would look with the Case Flags Utility Bar. Open the Utility Bar and click on the first case. Clear that flag and show how the Utility Bar instantly updates with the next case to work. Do it a few times to show how the Utility Bar works in real time.
  • Next, show the case list view with the Case Flags Flag (BH) column active, so you can demonstrate the visual of priority levels.
  • Click into a case to showcase the Case Flags component, which will allow you to talk through the flag aging speeds and history tracking.
  • Navigate to the Setup Wizard and talk through the different options for Flag Events and Flag Aging Speeds. 
  • Showcase how a support manager can rebalance team workload using the Switchboard, with drag and drop case reassignment.
  • Lastly, navigate to Reports & Dashboards to show how Case Flags measures and reports on service metrics.
Screenshot from Vicasso Case Flags app highlighting the Switchboard and drag and drop functionality
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