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File Slayer

File Slayer is a 100% native app for Salesforce that automatically removes irrelevant files, such as social icons from email signatures.

Restore Agent Productivity

Declutter accounts, cases, and more. Keep files related list clean.

Reduce File Storage Cost

Small files can add up to big costs. Get rid of useless files and duplicates across your org.

Reduce Agent Handle Time

Save money by reducing the time it takes for agents to find customer files. No more searching for a needle in a haystack.

Install it:

Install from AppExchange
Image of the File Slayer AppExchange Tile.
Documentation for File Slayer

Pitch it:

  • Problem: Salesforce storage clogged up with unnecessary files that come in from email attachments. 
  • Solution: File Slayer detects and deletes unnecessary files, so your support agents can effortlessly find what they need to resolve a case. 
An image of a metal garbage can with a pile of social media icons and files overflowing from the top.

Demo it:

  • Find a case where the agent and the customer have had several interactions and unnecessary files have been added to the files related list.
  • Role play as an agent trying to search for the file they need in this files related list.
  • Now, open a case in the demo Org with File Slayer downloaded.
  • Role play again as an agent who is able to instantly see the file they need, and show how Slaybot has detected and deleted all of the unnecessary files.
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