Discover More Value: What to Expect from a Vicasso Salesforce Discovery

This article was originally published on July 13, 2020

Throughout my tenure at Vicasso, I’ve worked with many clients on the Discovery process. At its core, the Discovery process serves as an opportunity for clients to understand the type of solutions we can provide for them. 

For some, Discoveries help with the framework of translating business processes into Salesforce capabilities. For others, they are more targeted to troubleshoot a specific issue a client may be experiencing. Discoveries can even serve as a health check—ensuring that you’re leveraging all the latest features from Salesforce.

What are the benefits of a discovery?

During a discovery engagement, you'll meet with subject matter experts and Solution Engineers that will ensure your Salesforce environment is in line with industry best practices. Our Salesforce experts are constantly up to date on Salesforce’s latest enhancements and can translate that into solutions so that your investment is scalable. And sometimes that fresh perspective leads to that “a-ha” moment. 

As an added benefit Vicasso offers a free initial discovery session! These introductory sessions will allow both teams to talk through challenges and potential solutions, and to determine if moving forward is a good fit. Your team will even receive a recommendation document that serves as a foundation of where to get started. 

If you decide to move forward with a formal engagement with Vicasso, there are a few options that could fit your business needs—our Continuous Innovation Program—part of our Managed Services engagement, or a managed project, which are great for those clients who already have a specific goal or timeline in mind.

Look below for what a full project engagement entails, from discovery to go live.

What can I expect out of an initial discovery session?

An initial discovery session is a low-pressure conversation meant for our Salesforce Solution Engineers to truly understand your current state of business and learn where you want to be with Salesforce.

For example, if your team is having trouble with managing high case volume, you can expect questions like:

  • How big are your customer support teams, and how many teams do you have?
  • What is your typical case volume?
  • What kinds of cases does your company deal with?
  • What are the ways in which your customers submit tickets to your team?

Specific questions to learn details about your business

After the Solution Engineer has the big-picture painted, they’ll start asking more specific questions that are designed to shed light on more specific pain points or potential opportunities for innovation. These questions can vary greatly depending on the issues at hand.

Some of the questions that could be asked could include:

  • Do you have service contracts with your customers that result in various SLAs?
  • How do you determine which agent is assigned to a customer service ticket?
  • Do you currently have any resources for your customers to perform self-service, like a Knowledge Base or FAQ pages?

A discussion of solutions that could meet your needs

It’s solution time! Solution Engineers may run ideas by you and explain their potential.

For example, for high case volume, and based on the answers to questions, maybe the Solution Engineer determines that case deflection is a good opportunity for your support team! They may suggest exploring things like a public knowledge base or rolling out a chatbot and seeing how they can fit for your business. This is your chance to ask questions now to feel out the possibilities.

Next steps Recommendations

Depending on the complexity of your needs, a single session may not be enough to fully pin-down a solution. In this case, a follow-up conversation to do a deeper dive into more specifics about the complexities of your needs might be warranted. These conversations may also include other stakeholders or subject matter experts from your business to help provide additional details.

To wrap up our high case volume and case deflection example, maybe you and the consultant decide the best next step is to pursue a chatbot! A second call may pinpoint more technical questions like chat routing before a chatbot implementation solution proposal can be formally provided.

The need for a formal Discovery engagement

Certain scenarios might uncover a quick solution to your particular need. Other times, for more complex business requirements, our team might suggest a paid discovery. This formal discovery engagement allows our Solution Engineers to lay out the scope and determine the best solution for your business.

And there are some added benefits of this more in-depth engagement:

  1. Several meetings with critical stakeholders to fully understand and document business needs.
  2. A formal list of business requirements, including a summary of current and future state.
  3. A proposed solution design, which may include mock-ups (if applicable).
  4. A statement of work and quote for Vicasso to implement the proposed solution.

What makes Vicasso discoveries so valuable?

There are a lot of consultants in the Salesforce ecosystem, and many consulting partners offer discoveries. So why should you choose Vicasso to lead a discovery session?

We're relationship focused. To us, you're not just a number, and your business is as unique as you are. Our team works to find the best solution for YOU, even if that solution is a third-party AppExchange app. Our clients continue to partner with us because they trust we're looking out for their best interest—even if that means recommending another partner with other specializations.

Our consulting team has a collective 50+ Salesforce certifications, including certified architects, developers, and cloud-focused consultants. Because Salesforce is the only CRM we implement, you can rest assured that you’re working with dedicated experts. Our Product Managers are experts in Salesforce too, not just our products.

Vicasso is also unique in that we live and breathe Salesforce in our day to day work as well. Our entire business, from sales to service, from accounting to project management, is all conducted on the Salesforce platform. Having that exclusive expertise on the Platform helps us provide the strategic guidance needed to leverage Salesforce to its fullest extent.

How do I get started?

Complete this form to schedule face time with a multi-certified expert that will help you conquer your top Salesforce challenges. These challenges can include transitioning to Lightning, getting started with Chat Bots, Sales or Service Cloud implementation, or engaging and integrating into the Partner community. Maybe you just want to get some insight into how you are doing with your process and updating Flows in Salesforce. Either way, you can get 1-on-1 time with one of our certified Salesforce experts to discuss your business needs.

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