Rapid Products

Create quotes and opportunities in Salesforce faster. 100% native to Salesforce.

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Boost sales productivity


Improve sales forecasting


Hit your targets sooner

Create opportunities and quotes in Salesforce, effortlessly.

Sales reps spend only 1/3 of their time actually selling, according to the 2018 State of Sales report. Time management is a problem incurred by administrative tasks like data entry and building opportunities and quotes. This slows down the sales cycle in an age where customers expect fast response times.

But there is a solution. Rapid Products makes it fast and effortless for salespeople to create opportunities and quotes in Salesforce.

Empower your sales team to get back to what they do best: closing deals, building relationships, and making customers happy.

Improve Salesforce adoption and data quality

To have accurate forecasting, your sales team must add products to opportunities in Salesforce. Rapid Products makes it easy with a better user experience.

Type-ahead search makes it a breeze to find and add the exact product you're looking for.

Real-time price calculation provides instant updates on the total value of an opportunity.

Add, Edit, and Remove product lines in a single screen.

Once your sales team gets their hands on Rapid Products, they'll actively use Salesforce more often. No more spreadsheets. As a result, you'll have better data in Salesforce and greater sales pipeline visibility.

"Ultra Native" alternative to CPQ

Rapid Products is the perfect Salesforce solution for organizations that don't need all the complexity of a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tool, but still want the better data quality and higher adoption that comes from an improved user experience.

Rapid Products is beyond 100% native; it's ultra native. The app uses only standard Salesforce objects, so it's compatible with existing opportunities and quotes and their line items. Your data is unaffected even if you uninstall.

Accelerate time to close

If you're using either Conga or DocGen™ (formerly Drawloop), and you don't already have a CPQ tool, then you'll benefit from Rapid Products. You'll streamline your sales process and make your proposals look more professional.

You'll have an end-to-end process for managing customer quotes — allowing your salespeople to quickly move from creating opportunities, to generating PDFs, to getting agreements signed faster.

Type-ahead search

Breeze through product selection with type-ahead search.

Real-time price calculation

Number and currency columns are totalled in real-time based on quantity, sales price, and discount.

Duplicate line action

Increase quantities faster with the duplicate line action feature.

Drag and drop

Sort line items with drag and drop ease.

Increased pipeline visibility

Sales managers get better data on which products and services are sold.

Fast time-to-resolution

No one likes to wait for problems to get fixed. Our R&D team has a track record of fixing bugs quickly, so in the rare event you do encounter a bug, you can rely on us to prioritize and resolve the issue. This is one of many benefits of a turnkey AppExchange app from a vendor you can trust. Our current bugfix time-to-resolution for Rapid Products is just 11.72 hours. (How does that compare to your other vendors or internal resources?)

What our clients are saying:

"Less Clicks = Happy Users!"

We had Vicasso develop a custom Opportunity Products screen for us last year and recently had them add the type-ahead search from this product. Rapid Products is a perfect name for this app since it's so easy to add Products to our Opportunities.

Anthony McCullough

Director, Global Salesforce CRM,
AGCO Corporation

"A breath of fresh air!"

Using Rapid Products is a breath of fresh air. Gone are the cumbersome days of adding multiple products to a single quote. Highly recommend!

Geoff Baker

Westcoast Outbuildings

"Get to the right product faster. Improved accuracy for us."

We have been using this app for more than 5 years and it has never failed us. We have quite a complex product system and Rapid Products helped the user get to the right one quickly. It works really well, cut-down time to enter opportunity products and ensure the accuracy of entry.

Jonathan Wong

Online Marketing Manager,
O. Berk Company

"Easy & Efficient'

Easy to install and use – makes my team more efficient in writing quotes & adding products to opportunities. Their support was also very helpful – answered all my questions and provided very useful suggestions. Thanks!

Betsy Hall

Sales Engineer,
Research Electro-Optics, Inc.

"This is a true 5 Star App!"

We have been using this app for several months now on a daily basis to create many Opportunity line items quickly for our new data model. It has proven to be exceptionally stable in addition to being rich, with little features that make for excellent user experience. A lot of thought and user-generated research clearly went into the design of this solution. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Deniz Ayaydin

Sr. Director of Operations,

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

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Built entirely on the Salesforce platform. 100% native.

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Spend less time building quotes and more time closing deals

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