Vicasso Rebrand Q&A

Why did IC decide to change its name to Vicasso after 25 years?
The team wanted to reinvent its name, look and feel to better reflect the quality and innovation that you have come to expect from us. This change represents not only the work we have delivered over the years, but also represents the future of where we are heading. We wanted our brand to evolve with us on this exciting journey as we lift off into the next 25 years of business.

Why “Vicasso”?
As a company, we are driven to help clients discover the art of what’s possible in Salesforce. Pablo Picasso was a leader in his field, seeing things that others couldn’t. And when he executed, it was to perfection. That’s how our founder operated from the start 25 years ago, and it’s at the core of how we operate now. That’s why we’re named Vicasso. We’re hands-on, we’re thoughtful, and we see things from angles that no one else does.

What does the "V" represent?
The V of our wordmark represents the two sides of our business expertise - Apps and Professional Services. Graphically in the new logo, the V consists of a (blue/purple) backslash and a (red/pink) circle. 

The backslash represents our Apps: In code, the characters following a backslash are treated special - and that’s how we treat our clients. 

The circle represents our Professional Services: Our consulting experts bring a holistic 360° view - and a hands-on approach to our client's goals, asks, and challenges.

Did someone purchase the company, or did you merge with another company?
No. Vicasso is the same privately-owned and self-funded company you have grown to trust over the years. Same great people, with a new look and feel.

What else has changed aside from the new company name?
Our website! Visit
LinkedInTwitterFacebook | Instagram | YouTube
Our Apps and Consulting listings on AppExchange now reflect our new brand identity
Our Service Experience Suite group on the Trailblazer Community now reflects our new brand identity

How do clients access the client community?

How do I access the client community?

I clicked on something and it’s not working.
What should I do? If you see something, say something! Easiest way would be to email details and screenshot to

Does anything change with how I open cases?
The process will remain the same. You can email or log a case in the community by visiting

Do I need to install something new?
No, your existing AppExchange products will continue to work as normal. You will notice that links to support or product documentation will redirect you to the updated locations.

Are the product names changing?
No, we intend to keep the names of our products the same. However, outside of this company name change, we may introduce additional functionality to one of our products and adjust the name to better fit.

How do I receive support?
Knowledge Base
Open a case

What are your support email addresses?
General AppExchange Support – 
Case Flags –
Case Merge Premium –
Case Split –
Email to Case Premium –
Rapid Products – 
Signature Slayer –
Simple Survey –
Labs Apps – 

Will you be doing a push update to the products to reflect the brand change?
Yes, all of our products, both paid and free, will eventually get a push update that will fully reflect the new brand identity. However, those push updates will retain the same approach to ensure that the versions we push are as stable as possible.

Will my end users notice any changes?
One initial change that we expect people to see will be a substitution of text “Vicasso, formerly Internet Creations.” Users of our products will not notice any change to their actual use based on the rebranding. Our #AwesomeAdmin users that work with our setup experiences may notice more significant changes related to the brand change.

Are you changing prices?
We evaluate and adjust our pricing for AppExchange products each year, and would expect that 2022 may bring incremental changes to our pricing, similar to previous years.

Where can I learn more?
Trailblazer Community Link

I clicked on something and it’s not working.
What should I do? If you see something, say something! Easiest way would be to email details and screenshot to

Where are your products listed on the AppExchange?
Product links to the AppExchange are the same as before