Enhanced Case Replicator

Your support team has been wanting to make their metrics look better than they actually are. Now use the Enhanced Case Replicator and your support team can make it look like they are doing extreme amounts of work to justify their jobs. When replicating cases, AI will add extra social icons to fill their related files list to really make it look like they are busy.

It will even fill the case with timing data, making it look like you’ve been very responsive to the customer, and use AI to create positive survey responses.

A screenshot of a fake app from Vicasso for April Fools Day.

Agents are celebrating!

"How have we ever lived without this? This gives us a little breathing room."

Happy CSR

"Sometimes you just need a break, but we need to meet our KPI's. This app is a life-saver!"

Productive but Tired Agent

"My team works really hard. If this helps the metrics and makes them feel better, how could I say no?"

Customer Service Manager

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Happy April Fools' Day!

But, if you are looking for Case Management apps to make your Customer Service more efficient and responsive, take a look at our actual solutions.