Case Split for Salesforce®

Keep cases on topic and manage “scope creep” in Salesforce by following a "one issue per case" policy in your service organization.

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Communication threads are shorter and easier to follow
Key performance indicators (KPIs) become more precise

Keep cases to a single issue

For accurate metrics and better organization, keep cases to a single topic or issue. With Case Split, if a customer replies to an existing case with a new issue, you can easily split the response to create a new case, making it easier to manage "scope creep."

After splitting, users will have two workable cases, each with their own case comment history and metrics.

Split into a new or existing cases
You can configure Case Split to easily move or clone data from the existing case to the new case, and delete the originals from the original case after splitting
Supports standard and custom objects
Choose which Case Comments, Emails, Attachments, Case Team Members, or any of your custom objects are copied to the new case.
Reporting and analytics
By giving new customer issues a unique case, you can better track problems with accurate reporting. This is especially useful if you are monitoring accounts with entitlements.
Fast time-to-resolution

No one likes to wait for problems to get fixed. Our R&D team has a track record of fixing bugs quickly, so in the rare event you do encounter a bug, you can rely on us to prioritize and resolve the issue. This is one of many benefits of a turnkey AppExchange app from a vendor you can trust. Our current bugfix time-to-resolution for Case Split is just 7.94 hours. (How does that compare to your other vendors or internal resources?)

What our clients are saying:

"Improves data quality"

Understanding an accurate volume of the cases/issues worked and resolved is very important. Case Split enables engineers to easily split out the issues when customers submit multiple issues in one case. It's so easy that the engineers actually USE it which is key to accurate reporting.

Lisa Reinhold
VP Customer Success,
Tracelink, Inc.

"Quick and easy issue separation"

Separate issues easily within a case into multiple cases.

Rick Ob
Skyton Capital Corp.

"Great time saver and easy to use"

Case Split is very simple to use. It opens up in a new window and lets you select what parts of the case are to be split off into the new case. This makes creating a new case very easy to do. We have found our agent's case resolution time has dropped with the ability to split cases apart quickly and simply. Out of all the products offered by Internet Creations, we find this to be one of the most useful time saving tools.

Chris Edwards
The Storage Group
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Keep cases on topic and improve KPIs in your service organization, with Case Split for Salesforce.

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