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— Larry Miller, FieldSync LLC
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Email to Case Premium

A great agent experience inspires an excellent client experience! Email to Case Premium (E2CP) extends and enhances Salesforce’s Email-to-Case functionality with a more comprehensive solution for managing support cases in Service Cloud, improving productivity, and personalizing email communication.
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Simple Survey

Emerge as an expert in customer satisfaction! Simple Survey for Salesforce makes it effortless for your customers, partners, and employees to provide feedback on their experience with your organization, with the entire process operating natively in Salesforce.
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Case Merge Premium

Stop wasting time and make your team efficient. Case Merge Premium automatically detects and merges duplicate cases. Your team can easily identify duplicates and merge multiple cases into a single support issue.
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Case Flags

Know exactly which case is next! Using color-coded flags and criteria-based aging speeds, Case Flags helps you monitor and improve support responsiveness with real-time visibility of cases that require a response.
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Case Split

Make it easy to keep cases on topic! When you install Case Split and follow a "one issue per case" policy, your service department operates more efficiently.
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File Slayer

Eliminate duplicate files and pesky image attachments like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn icons that are stored on cases and email.
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Rapid Products

Bring the speed and usability of desktop quoting software right to Salesforce! Quickly find and add products to Quotes or Opportunities using Rapid Products, customizing descriptions, quantities, discounts, and sorting, all natively in Salesforce, complying with existing automation and validation in Sales Cloud.
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Lab Apps (Free Apps)

Take Ownership for Cases

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Are you tired of the inconvenient and repetitive process for taking ownership of Cases? This free widget reduces the number of clicks from 5 down to 1 by adding a custom button to the Case Page Layout.

Duplicate Detective

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How are pesky duplicate cases negatively impacting your service operation? Duplicate Detective is your support agents' sidekick that shines a spotlight on duplicates. It's a free Lightning Component that sits in the sidebar of your case record page.

Change Case Ownership Plus

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Save clicks when changing ownership of a case with a new, enhanced Change Case Ownership page.

Create Opportunity & Quote

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Create Opportunity and Quote is a free widget designed to accelerate the creation of Opportunities and Quotes while improving data quality.

Quick Add Campaign Member

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Effortlessly add leads and contacts to campaigns.
Important: Our free apps should be implemented by seasoned Salesforce administrators or developers; limited email support is available.