Service Experience Suite logo circle. It's made up of four colored sections with icons for each section. Clockwise from the top is a dark gray section with a stop watch icon. This signifies responsiveness. To the right of that is the bright blue section with a computer monitor with a chart in the screen and a magnifying glass in the bottom right corner. This icon signifies utilization. To the right of that, at the bottom of the circle, is the purple section with two message bubbles, the front with a smiley face and the back with three ellipses. This icon signifies personalization. The last section is bright teal green with an icon of three circles, one with a rating star, one with a smiley face and one with a sad face. This icon signifies feedback.

Service Experience Suite

Lower your cost to serve and deliver high-quality service.

Service Experience Suite is an arsenal of friction-busting apps for Salesforce Service Cloud®

  • Eliminate friction in agent support workflows.
  • Reduce the cost to service a case.
  • Get higher customer satisfaction scores.

Eliminate friction in agent support workflows


Reduce the cost to service a case


Get higher customer satisfaction scores

Service Experience Suite delivers on four key pillars of customer service:

A line drawing of a stopwatch. This signifies Responsiveness for Service Experience Suite.


Faster agents. Happy customers.

A line drawing of a Computer Monitor with a vertical line chart and a magnifying glass overlapping the bottom right corner. This signifies Utilization for Service Experience Suite.


Measure agent productivity. Make smart decisions.

A screenshot from Vicasso's Service Experience Suite showing all case history at the agent's fingertips.
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Agents have the entire case history at their fingertips when looking at comments, field history changes, and attachments from one single, chronological view. No more switching between screens to find the information they need to work on Cases.
A line drawing of two messaging bubbles. The front message bubble has a happy face drawing. The back bubble has two dots. This signifies Personalization for Service Experience Suite.


Personalize every engagement at scale.

Side-by-side screenshots from Vicasso's Email to Case Premium app highlighting the ability to use different email templates.
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With Variation Presets, different support teams can work with information that’s relevant to them and the clients they’re supporting by editing relevant fields, recipients, email templates, and much more.
A line drawing of a three circles overlapping. The front circle has a star, the middle has half a happy face, and the back circle has half a sad face. This signifies Feedback for Service Experience Suite.


Quantify customer satisfaction and continuously improve.

Let us show you how to make the most of your Salesforce investment.

  • Turn customer service into a profit center
  • Decrease customer support costs
  • Make your agents and customers happy