Service Experience Suite

Extend and enhance Service Cloud® with productivity-boosting tools, purpose-built for the Salesforce® platform.

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Service Experience Suite delivers on four key pillars of customer service:

a dark gray line drawing of a stopwatch. This icon signifies responsiveness.
A teal green line drawing of three circles. The first has a rating star, behind it is a happy face, and behind that a sad face. This icon signifies feedback.
Service Experience Suite logo circle. It's made up of four colored sections with icons for each section. Clockwise from the top is a dark gray section with a stop watch icon. This signifies responsiveness. To the right of that is the bright blue section with a computer monitor with a chart in the screen and a magnifying glass in the bottom right corner. This icon signifies utilization. To the right of that, at the bottom of the circle, is the purple section with two message bubbles, the front with a smiley face and the back with three ellipses. This icon signifies personalization. The last section is bright teal green with an icon of three circles, one with a rating star, one with a smiley face and one with a sad face. This icon signifies feedback.
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A pink and blue stylized neon image of an alarm clock on a dark background. This image signifies responsiveness.


Today’s connected customers expect quick and efficient resolutions. Without the technology to troubleshoot with lightning speed, you may lose your customer’s trust.

With Service Experience Suite, your team can provide real-time visibility to cases needing attention, and monitor your organization's response times to customers.

SES improves the agent experience, helping your team stay organized and responsive to your customer’s needs.

An abstract image of charts and data created out of neon blue and pink on a dark background. This image signifies utilization.


Without the right tools, your service team’s performance is hard to measure. Back and forth conversations between your support team and customers only tell half the story.

Service Experience Suite analytics accurately reveal your team’s activities, empowering you to coach stellar service and make more informed  hiring decisions.

Measure productivity, not just how fast your team is moving. Simple and effective case management transforms your support team from a pure cost center to a profit generator.

Abstract image of a neon blue thumbprint in the middle of pink and blue neon stylized magnifying glass on a dark background. This image signifies personalization.


Exceptional service is your differentiator. Access to customer details empowers agents to provide a tailored experience with each customer. Personalizing your service improves brand loyalty.

Service Experience Suite enables your team to effortlessly prioritize customer responses with a seamless, automated system, amplifying productivity, and allowing your team to add the personal touches.

Image of 5 neon stars going from a hot pink to a deep purple gradient across them. This image signifies feedback.


Your customer’s voice is one of your most important assets.

With Service Experience Suite, you can easily and automatically collect timely and relevant feedback – the type of data that can guide innovation and growth.

Inspire lasting brand loyalty by leveraging the customer’s voice to improve your offering.

Discover how Service Experience Suite helps:

Improve customer satisfaction
Reduce customer churn
Increase Salesforce adoption
Increase employee retention
Promote positive word of mouth
Improve agent productivity
"We decreased time to resolution for cases by 56%"
– Gadi Vered, Director of Customer Support at OwnBackup
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