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Simple Survey:
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April 2023

Image of Thais, Product Manager at Vicasso

Thais Pedroso

Product Manager
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Megan Tesch

Product Manager

Send surveys your customers will actually take.

  • Get higher response rates

  • Collect feedback while it’s top of mind

  • Train your service agents

  • Uncover ways to improve service operations

  • Catch bad reviews before they're posted online

  • Identify trends in customer sentiment

If your customers don't respond to your surveys, then nothing else about the survey program matters.

It's simple to start surveying.

Animated view of all Simple Survey question types.

One simple plan. Everything included for $7/user.

No complex integrations. No headaches.

100% Native to Salesforce

Simple Survey was entirely developed on the Salesforce platform. No external databases, systems, or integrations needed.

No Integration Required

No integration required. No third-party overhead. Get up and running fast.

Standard & Custom Objects

Automatically send surveys related to Cases, Opportunities, Accounts, and other objects in Salesforce.

Data in Real-Time

Surveys and question responses are instantly captured in Salesforce and visible to authorized users, enabling you to take action quickly.

Highly Extensible

Use the full power of the Salesforce platform to extend, automate, and tailor your survey program.

API Access

For special use cases, you can optionally connect your survey program with external systems using Salesforce APIs.

Let good data guide your decision-making.

Single Click Response

Send surveys your customers will actually take. Enjoy higher response rates, collect more data, and make smarter decisions.

Made for Service Cloud

Designed with service teams in mind, Simple Survey can be an integral part of your customer support operations.

Partial Response Capture

Capture user input even if they don't end up submitting the survey. Automatically send reminders to complete surveys.

Transactional Surveying

Get meaningful and actionable feedback by sending surveys when the customers' experience is top of mind. (Not weeks or months later.)

Customize to make it your own.

Drag & Drop Questions

Save time by re-using questions from prior surveys, and quickly rearrange their order.

Conditional/Skip Logic

Dynamically display only the questions relevant to the survey taker based data in Salesforce and previously-answered questions.

Four-Step, Code-Free Builder

Create surveys in no time with an easy-to-use, point-and-click, guided builder.

Real-Time Previews

On the fly, you can preview and test how the survey appears on both mobile and desktop browsers.

Custom Images

Override default images for CSAT and Thumbs Up/Down surveys with your own icons.


Automatically personalize surveys with data from Salesforce for better engagement.

Custom Branding

Design your surveys to match your company's branding and color scheme.

Mobile Ready

Out of the box, surveys are designed to work on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

Choose Your Starting Template

Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction, Gartner Customer Effort Score (CES), Likert, Medical Pain, Wong Baker, Questionnaire, Thumbs Up/Down

Send surveys instantly at the right moment.

Automatically Send Surveys

Trigger surveys to be sent upon field and record updates, such as sending a survey 3 days after case closure.

Manually Send Surveys

Generate links to send surveys through virtually any channel, third-party tool, and marketing automation platform like MailChimp, Account Engagement (Pardot), Marketo, etc.

QR Code

Use a QR code maker like Bitly to enable people to access a survey via their cellphone camera. Vicasso's marketing team has displayed survey QR codes at events and in-person presentations.

Web-Based Landing Page

Send people to a mobile-responsive landing page to answer questions and submit a survey.


Share surveys across channels including email, web, chat, social media, and more.

Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs)

We don't limit the number of surveys you can send from tools like Account Engagement (Pardot), Mailchimp, Hubspot or Marketo.


Use a third-party SMS delivery service like Twilio to send surveys via SMS from Salesforce.

Simplify your data and data insights.

Beautiful Survey Insights

View word clouds, charts, and graphics to identify trends, commonalities, and patterns at a glance.

Pre-Built Reports & Dashboards

Out of the box, Simple Survey comes packaged with pre-built reports and a dashboard so you can start measuring and improving right away.

Download Survey Responses

Run reports in Salesforce and export your data in CSV and XLS formats (but you probably won't need to).

Instant Survey Notification

Monitor survey responses for certain keywords, accounts, scores, and more.

Continuous Improvement

Get more survey responses and insightful data to grow and improve your people, processes, and product.

Capture Meta Details

Collect user data like Browser, IP, Referrer, and Location for more details on survey respondents.

Get flexible options, without the stress.

Mix-and-Match Survey Formats

Capture meaningful feedback with a combination of different rating scale formats on the survey landing page.

Multilingual Surveying

Translate your surveys to any languages you have enabled in Salesforce.

Dynamic Post-Survey Content

At the completion of the survey, show a custom message, such as a coupon code.

Conditional Redirects on Survey Completion

You can choose to automatically redirect survey respondents to any web page you'd like.

Unlimited Surveys

We don't constrain the number of surveys you can send (standard Salesforce email limits apply).

Custom Survey Journey

Design pathing using conditional logic based on a respondent's answers, custom data from Salesforce data, and custom variables.

Survey Variations

Choose from numerous different combinations of survey formats, questions, and data types. More options than you'll probably ever need.

Rest easy knowing your data is secure.

Granular Permissions

Simple Survey inherits Salesforce's leading security model. Get up and running fast knowing only authorized users can access survey data.

Government Cloud

Secure enough to be certified compatible with Government Cloud.

Standards Compliance

Adheres to Salesforce's trust and compliance protocols, including HIPAA, ISO, SOC2, HiTrust, FedRAMP, GDPR.

Spam Prevention

Use Google's reCAPTCHA to stop spam.

Prevent Duplicates

Control whether multiple submissions are allowed for the same type of survey.

Why choose Simple Survey?

Vicasso V icon

Designed to get higher response rates

Vicasso V icon

Official vendor of Bain & Company's NPS®

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Developed especially for customer service

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Truly 100% native (data doesn't leave Salesforce)

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Perfect 5.0 rating on Salesforce AppExchange

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From the makers of top-rated Salesforce service apps

Get more valuable customer feedback to improve your service.

Simple Survey

Send surveys people actually respond to.

More Responses

Get higher survey responses rates.

More Data

Get a larger sample size of data.

Smart Decisions

Uncover opportunities for improvement.

Better Service

Continuously improve your service.

Experience unparalleled service.

"The team at Vicasso is very helpful and great to work with!"

Tim Connor

Service Support Specialist,
Southco Inc.

"Vicasso was happy to help and answer all my questions."

Jessica Jones

Sales Operations Specialist,

Let's take a closer look.

Take a tour of Simple Survey, from survey creation to measuring customer feedback.

Rated a perfect 5.0 on AppExchange 

Simple and intuitive

We use Simple Survey for cases, work orders, opportunities and NPS. It was very easy to set up and we were up and running in a just a few hours. With some development work within Salesforce, we have average scores and a count of total surveys sent for each area so we have a clear picture of where we are succeeding or failing individual customers. Overall very happy with the product.

Client Review logo

Louisa Barrett

CRB Cunninghams

Simple as the name says

SimpleSurvey is exactly as the name suggests: it's simple. The HTML email templates that Simple Survey generates have increased the response rate as the templates are easy and inviting for the recipients. And since it's Salesforce native, our Customer Success team automatically receives notification on low CSAT scores as they're submitted providing us with the opportunity to follow-up immediately with dissatisfied customers.

Client Review logo

Robert Rubin

CIO, Istation

One word, Simple!

In a world where we are on our phones all the time and get too many junk emails, getting our customers to pause their day and fill out a survey seems complicated. Simple Survey makes it easy to capture a few seconds to complete a survey. We get more responses than expected from our customers. The simplicity of a 5-star survey with a few quick questions makes it more appealing to our customers to fill out.

Simple Survey has made the template building, adding questions, and adding users the easiest survey template application I have worked with. The support team has been very helpful and willing to help with any questions.

Client Review logo

Caleb Kloeckner

System Administrator, Procare

CSAT Success

We use this to run all of our surveys, including CSAT. We couldn't be happier. It is very intuitive.

Client Review logo

Brent Bunker

Sr. Director Customer Support, Duetto

Great Product and Service

I love that the app is native to Salesforce and works solely with Salesforce. I've used other more expensive survey tools and it was difficult to configure the way I needed. Being native, Simple Survey allowed me to configure and establish workflows how I needed them. Overall I love the product. The service by support is also great!

Client Review logo

Kate DiMeco

CRM Systems & Integrations Manager/Certified Advanced Administrator, B2W Software

Simple, Intuitive and Flexible!

Simple Survey has been helpful for our company for many years! Not only can we get a quick and easy visual of our net promoter score from our customer Cases, but Simple Survey has been flexible and intuitive to quickly become the best solution for many projects and processes where gathering feedback is an important requirement. Set up and implementation is fast and easy! The team at Vicasso is very helpful and great to work with!

Client Review logo

Tim Connor

Service Support Specialist, Southco Inc.

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Simple Survey Pricing

$1,680 contract minimum includes 20 users
Volume discounts available
Guided Setup $1,175/org/one-time payment