Case Flags

Customers don't like to wait. Improve response time with Case Flags, a 100% native Salesforce app that automatically prioritizes agent workload.

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Deliver faster service


Improve response times


Prevent SLA violations

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Automatically prioritize agent workload

At a glance, your customer service agents can effortlessly see cases that require attention. With color-coded flags, they'll always know who to respond to first.

Improve the agent experience and help your team stay organized in Salesforce with some added flavor. They'll thank you for it.

The result? Happy customers, smiling at the speed of your service.

Zoom out with Switchboard View

Pre-built dashboards and reports

Customers expect responsive service. How do you measure the performance of your customer support team? With analytics like initial response time, time to resolution, and comparing the time with the customer and your support team, you'll have the data you need to succeed.

You can view snapshots of your whole organization or drill down and see metrics for individual agents. Use the data to coach your agents and improve your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Quick to set up - no code needed

Flags update automatically in the background while your agents focus on delighting your customers. You can set up business rules that control when flags are set and cleared, based on activities by your customer and support team.

Case Flags aging speeds offer flexibility to support different prioritization needs, allowing you to create different flag aging speeds based on status, priority, record-type, or other related field values in the case. Since the app is 100% native, your Salesforce Admin can create advanced automation using Flow, Process Builder, or Workflow rules that extend and enhance your support operations.

Give your agents the tool they need to prioritize their day so that all of your customers receive fast, friendly service—all the time.


Measure & improve responsiveness

Speed is the name of the game. How fast does your team respond to new and ongoing inquiries? Analyze the speed of your support agent's first response and ongoing responsiveness.

Supports business hours

Flags can age based on standard 24-hours or your organization's hours of operation. For example, if you set your business hours as 8am-6pm, your flags will only age during that timeframe.

Monitor response times on the go

Monitor response times on the go. Prioritize cases requiring attention and monitor response times on your mobile device. You can view, set, and clear flags right within the Salesforce mobile app.

History tracking

Review the entire lifecycle of a case from open to close—and everything in between. How much time was the case in each status? Who owned the case, and for how long? Get the answers you need to address what happened during the support process.

Account & Case specific flags

Override the defaults flag timing for a subset of accounts, allowing you to have different support levels, entitlements, or SLAs for specific accounts. For even more granular control, you can override the defaults on a case-by-case basis. Set flag timings manually or using local automation.

Fast time-to-resolution

No one likes to wait for problems to get fixed. Our R&D team has a track record of fixing bugs quickly, so in the rare event you do encounter a bug, you can rely on us to prioritize and resolve the issue. This is one of many benefits of a turnkey AppExchange app from a vendor you can trust. Our current bugfix time-to-resolution for Case Flags is just 5.52 hours. (How does that compare to your other vendors or internal resources?)

What our clients are saying:

"Accurately track how long it takes for cases to get handled"

We initially installed Case Flags on a trial basis. We were quickly convinced that it is a perfect fit for our needs. It is easy to deploy and very customizable. Even after just a few days we were immediately able to see real 'data'. I recommend Case Flags for anyone that wants to accurately track how long it takes for cases to get handled.

Ari Robinson

Technical Support Manager,
On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc.

"Great visibility for service users"

We've been very pleased with Case Flags and it was one of the first apps that we purchased. This has given us great visibility for service users and has helped us implement and improve SLA's. This has been great for our organization.

Andy Roethler

Director of Customer and Order Administration,
Integrated DNA Technologies

"Great app, helps productivity and is extremely customizable"

I have used Case Flags at two different companies and I loved it at both of them. It works great out of the box but is also highly customizable for unique situations. At one company, we had a very complex SLA Policy based on Account/Record Type/Case Status/etc. With the help of Vicasso's team, I was able to figure out all the customizations I needed to make it work for this complex policy.

Christina Nava

CRM Architect,
The Fury Group

"Effective Case Management"

Great app for those who want to keep Case Management simple for their team, while retaining the necessary data to manage the analytics. Makes agents more productive just by seeing the color of the flags they know which case to act on first.

Gene Bidwell

ERP Sysytem Administrator,
Penguin Computing, Inc.

"Closes all the gaps in Entitlement functionality for us"

I came across Case Flags as I was beginning to embark on Entitlement and Milestone process development, and there were just... some gaps. Gaps that have been closed by this most excellent tool. It's clever, it's intuitive, it's well documented, and the sales and support teams are EXCELLENT. The sort of product and team that an admin can rely on. 11/10 would recommend.

Chloe Aiani

Sales Operations Lead,

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

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