Improved Agent Experience = Improved Customer Experience: Service Experience Suite & B2W Software


Poor Survey Response Rates

B2W Software was dissatisfied with the cost of their survey provider compared to its functionality. The construction software company did not see a sizable response rate. And the interface looked professional but was "a beast to work with internally," says Kate DiMeco, CRM Systems and Integrations Manager at B2W.

Part of the problem, DiMeco notes, was the standalone nature of the survey product. From the agent's perspective, it was not syncing well with Salesforce, and the product missed essential features like merge fields and abandoned survey capture. Attempting to fix these problems, B2W hit a wall with the survey provider's customer service team.

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Assigning Cases Required Manual Effort

At the same time, B2W’s customer support team was overwhelmed by an increasing caseload (100 cases per day). The team viewed each case history through emails, and the agents manually directed cases to different departments while attempting to ensure no duplicates for the same case. 

As Jacob Howard, the Technical Support Manager at B2W, notes, "getting cases into the appropriate hands is essential to define ownership."

Imprecise Case Metrics

B2W was also missing response time metrics for resolved cases. They needed a baseline to improve and set goals for the agents—a simple data point to communicate to the executive team. 

B2W decided to look on the AppExchange for tools more intuitive and native to Salesforce's UI, leading to Vicasso's Simple Survey, Email to Case Premium (E2CP), and Case Flags

No Square Pegs in Round Holes: Finding Tools that Fit 

Searching for a survey solution, DiMeco was impressed by the native nature of Simple Survey. The tool was simple yet equaled the functionality of other, more expensive vendors. If you understand the back end of Salesforce, DiMeco says, you can appreciate Simple Survey: "It's objects and fields; no square pegs in round holes anymore." 

Streamlining Agent Support Workflow

B2W was hoping to streamline its agent's workflow when searching for a case management system. Accessing case history is essential to any customer service team, yet reviewing emails in multiple windows is not optimal. 

Using Email to Case Premium, the team could view all customer information on one screen. With forward-to-case, B2W agents no longer needed to send everything manually to different departments. Agents no longer wasted time on duplicate entries for the same case, and the appropriate agents now handled issues while quickly defining ownership.

Faster Customer Response Times

Before discovering Case Flags, the team at B2W was measuring response times of closed cases based on a gut feeling. Without any hard data, the team lacked accountability. Using Case Flags, the team now had a baseline response time metric, which empowered them to set goals for improvement, and data to communicate to the executive team. Initial response time has improved since installing Case Flags, and customer satisfaction has reached even greater heights. 

Easy to Define Metrics Highlight Improved Performance: Creating a Better Customer Experience 

After using Simple Survey, B2W now records partial responses on abandoned surveys. By prioritizing the right questions before users exit the survey or experience survey fatigue, Kate says her team has seen a 106% increase in survey responses. 

Case Flag’s Switchboard functionality offers the B2W team visibility in real-time for case management. Instead of digging in the weeds, the B2W team can organize everything in one place, reviewing each case with speed and ease.

Jacob says Case Flags and E2CP have helped the support team by showcasing metrics like case closures and response times, which are monitored closely to ensure the support department can proactively scale as the company grows.

The applications have been a big time saver for me," Jacob notes.

After implementing Vicassos’ tools, the B2W team reduced their initial response time on cases originating from emails by 46%.

Improving survey response rates and agent experience with better response times and a streamlined process, B2W Software has created a better customer experience.

Improved Agent Experience = Improved Customer Experience: Service Experience Suite & B2W Software

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