Herman Miller Improves Customer Satisfaction with Service Experience Suite


Herman Miller needed to move from an antiquated system that tracked customer inquiries to a current and more robust CRM tool.

Business Problem

There were three main challenges that Herman Miller wanted to resolve:

1. Inability to merge similar cases
This resulted in multiple agents working on the same issue, delayed response times in handling emails, and high effort in managing multiple cases that should be located in one view.

2. Inability to untangle unrelated issues within a case
When customers sent multiple issues to the agents, they had to transfer those inquiries to other departments who would then answer the customers. Customers experienced delays and were confused when receiving multiple responses from multiple teams.

3. Cluttered and unnecessary attachments
Team members had to dig to find relevant attachments because they were receiving up to 10 invalid attachments (that were actually links).


Case Merge Premium
Agents can now quickly merge cases and monitor a single stream of communication, which reduced duplicate effort and improves workload capacity for the team.

Case Split
Separating issues into secondary cases allows multiple teams to work on one set of issues at the same time.

File Slayer
Relevant Attachments are now surfaced properly, allowing agents to respond more quickly. They also decreased file storage costs by reducing unnecessary attachments.

Herman Miller Improves Customer Satisfaction with Service Experience Suite

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