How Legrand Increased First Contact Resolution by 78%

“Support agents love the new Vicasso apps.”
Amy Gerakos
Director of Service Excellence


  • Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, wanted to improve agent productivity for customer support cases.
  • Support agents struggled with case management because of back-and-forth communication through multiple emails. Duplicate cases created clutter, slowing down first contact resolution time.
  • Legrand improved agent productivity and customer satisfaction by implementing Service Experience Suite solutions. They achieved a 78% improvement in first contact resolution and boosted customer satisfaction, quantified by a 15 point increase in their NPS score.

Legrand transforms the spaces where people live and work, through innovative products and solutions that deliver and manage power, light, and data. They do this by pursuing both sustainable business practices and the creation of exceptional experiences through the products they design and manufacture.

From Outlook to Cases: Legrand’s Support Evolution 

"Legrand’s customer support agents must be ready for any issue that comes their way,” says Amy Gerakos, Director of Service Excellence at Legrand. 

Legrand was using Outlook to interact with customers. The back and forth was challenging to track, and support agents often had to sort through multiple emails to understand customer inquiries. Duplicate cases created clutter and decreased productivity, slowing down case resolution time. Additionally, customers also opened cases with multiple inquiries with different levels of complexity that required different response times or solutions. 

Order status comprises more than 50% of customer’s inquiries, including questions about the availability of materials and the lead time for orders.

"I have a concrete pour,” a typical customer might ask, “when can I get this material sent to me?" 

A large percentage of customers’ inquiries are sent to Legrand through their email channel. It's important that they are able to respond quickly so efficiency and consistency are a priority. The teams must interact across multiple functions to resolve customer inquiries and we needed a consistent way to handle all interactions, whether it be internal or customer-facing.  

With Salesforce, Legrand’s drive to increase productivity and customer satisfaction was now supported by a capable tool. However, the support team still sought improvements to some out-of-the-box case management features. At a Dreamforce conference, Legrand learned about Vicasso's solutions that could enhance Service Cloud functionality. 

Optimizing Cases with the Right Tools

Salesforce improved the agent's productivity, but there were still enhancements that needed to be made. The support team installed Email to Case Premium (E2CP) to resolve lingering back-and-forth communication issues, which required agents to visit multiple pages to resolve a case. With E2CP, agents can easily categorize cases and send replies from the same page. Customer information was front and center for agents, and private and public messages could be sent from the same page. 

Since the support team was dealing with multiple inquiries per case, some inquiries required tech support and general customer support. A single case could include multiple transactions with multiple attachments from the same customer. Case Split empowered their agents to split the case and assign it to the right department, saving time and improving KPIs. Agents were also faced with duplicate inquiries.  Case Merge Premium enabled agents to eliminate duplicates by merging into a single case. 

To make sure only relevant most important files and images were stored in Salesforce, Legrand installed File Slayer so they no longer had to parse unnecessary attachments. Agents can eliminate cumbersome social media icons and extra images, saving valuable time. 

Promoting Efficiency: Legrand’s Support Improvements 

Amy says, “Anything that makes the agent's job easier will impact the customer experience.” 

“Support agents love the new Vicasso apps,” says Amy. Data before and after the tool’s installation reveals the impact on customer satisfaction. 

Legrand saw a 15 point increase in their NPS score after using Service Experience Suite

And finally, first contact resolution, which is a metric that measures an agent's ability to resolve a customer's inquiry or problem on the first call or email. First contact resolution went from 51% to 91%.

Legrand is using this success as a driver to further enhance agent experience and productivity. In today’s current environment, efficiency is key, so Legrand just launched an agent survey asking likes and dislikes. By evaluating responses and working with the admin to discover better processes, Legrand intends to continue to leverage Salesforce and Vicasso and deliver exceptional experiences for both agents and customers. 

 How Legrand Increased First Contact Resolution by 78%

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