How Oregon State University’s College of Business Streamlined Service Operations



  • The IT team at the College of Business needed a better way to manage their helpdesk.
  • Email to Case Premium gave the IT team the productivity refinements they needed to support the faculty and students at OSU.
  • They implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to consolidate their helpdesk and service operations but wanted to be even more efficient.

Achieving a “single pane of glass” view for operational efficiency

Powering learning through technology is what Doug Weir and his team at Oregon State University do. As the Operating System/Network Analyst at OSU, Doug and the IT team support over 3,000 people across everything from classrooms and computer labs to LANs, SQL servers, and SharePoint. Doug's team needs to provide the students and faculty at OSU with the fastest, most efficient support possible. To achieve this goal, they invested in Salesforce as a helpdesk system and consolidated their service operations to a “single pane of glass” view.

Doug turned to Vicasso when his team noticed some challenges with how cases were managed in the Salesforce Service Cloud out of the box. Responding to users from within Salesforce was a tedious process, requiring too many clicks and too much time. Analyzing the case history was a hassle because cases created by email did not include the email body as a case comment on the case automatically.

The College of Business IT team knew that even minor enhancements could bring tremendous gains in efficiency, leading to faster response times and happier customers. They needed a cost-effective solution that would empower them to operate at optimal efficiency.

But was this feasible?

With Vicasso, it was.

Fewer clicks and faster response times with Salesforce and Email to Case Premium 

In Email to Case Premium (E2CP) on the Salesforce AppExchange, Doug found the answer to his team’s frustrations. Developed by Vicasso, this 100% native Salesforce app extends and enhances the standard Email-to-Case offering. 

With Email to Case Premium's clean case comments, Doug's team can view the salient points of a case without extraneous email content, allowing them to focus on the task at hand. They can send an email, update high-touch case fields, and even resolve a case–all in one step. Standardized canned comments ensure consistent responses while also saving time. 

Doug Weir - Operating System/Network Analyst at OSU

“Email to Case Premium has been a lifesaver,” said Doug. "We were able to drastically reduce our time hunting down emails, which enabled us to dedicate more time to our customers and improve the customer experience overall." 

Worry-free reliability. Unrestricted productivity.

Almost three years later, E2CP is still going strong, and Doug and his team could not be happier.

Implementing E2CP could have been just another thing for Doug to worry about while he and his team juggled support cases. “I had a lot at stake,” said Doug. “If it hadn’t gone well, it would have affected our customers.” 

But the implementation went so smoothly and E2CP continues to perform so reliably that Doug and his team have the freedom to focus on their most important mission: providing their customers with great service.

“If I implement a product and don’t have to worry about it or come in the morning and wonder if it’s working, that’s a success,” said Doug.

With Salesforce and Email to Case Premium, Doug and his team finally have the tailored solution they need to support the College of Business students, faculty, and staff at Oregon State University with a technology-powered learning environment.

How Oregon State University’s College of Business Streamlined Service Operations

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