Imprivata’s Secret Weapon to Exceed Customer Expectations Despite the Pandemic



  • Imprivata is the digital identity company for healthcare. Imprivata offers a platform of solutions including access, multi-factor authentication, and identity governance technology that secures employee access to desktops, networks, and applications.
  • During the pandemic, healthcare systems experienced increased security attacks, further stressing the importance of Imprivata digital identity platform.  
  • Despite the challenges faced by customers, Imprivata handled the support case surge with ease while earning their highest customer satisfaction to date by using the Service Experience Suite by Vicasso.

The pandemic transformed millions of companies financially, structurally, and emotionally, yet no industry felt as much immediate pressure as healthcare. Increased hospitalizations overwhelmed providers as the industry experienced massive staffing shortages. The results were especially intense for healthcare cybersecurity. In what was later called the "cyber pandemic," many systems saw a sharp increase in attacks and system breaches.

Imprivata develops and sells a platform that secures employee access to desktops, networks, and applications using, among other technologies, single sign-on (SSO). Imprivata is all too familiar with healthcare's pandemic-related IT security issues. By removing IT friction and keeping systems as efficient as possible, the company strives to save time for clinicians, who can then give that time back to patients.

photo of Chris Wills, Sr. Manager of Customer Support
Chris Wills, Sr. Manager of Customer Support

The pandemic put the healthcare industry to the test. Amidst an all-time high volume of urgent support cases and the ever-evolving challenges, Imprivata earned its highest customer satisfaction scores to date.  

Chris Wills, Sr. Manager of Customer Support at Imprivata, shared how they utilized Vicassos’ Service Experience Suite (SES) to handle the increased urgent case volume at a very stressful time.

SES includes native Salesforce apps that extend Service Cloud® functionality, empowering service organizations to easily manage agent efficiency, case communication, and metric reporting. Here is how Imprivata leveraged Service Experience Suite to streamline case communication.

Save Clinicians Time with Responsive Communication

Imprivata uses Salesforce Service Cloud to answer customer inquiries with detailed instructions. The support team requires the ability to send and receive detailed images and rich text to tell a story to offer the best possible support. Still, when providing images, they previously had to send separate emails through Outlook causing teams to switch back and forth between systems. With Email to Case Premium's rich text editor, a vast improvement on the out-of-the-box email-to-case, Imprivata included images and videos with the messaging directly from Salesforce. Detailed resolutions with all information in one place vastly improved customer experiences.

Imprivata also leveraged Case Flags, a tool that allows agents to prioritize customer cases with a streamlined colored flag system. Complete visibility of customers' statuses ensured Imprivata agents understood how responsiveness might impact customer satisfaction, which was imperative during the pandemic. With a visual indicator for mission-critical cases, agents could prioritize specific customer cases, ensuring no SLA breaches.

Stay Organized With Consistent Communication

To maintain consistent communication, Imprivata had to keep everything organized by combating digital clutter.

Since Salesforce automatically saves files from inbound emails, agents must sort through the irrelevant images to find the correct information to resolve cases. Chris noted how File Slayer "saves the day" by removing unnecessary files and discovering important account-specific information.

Chris also noted how Imprivata managed channel thrashing--when one customer uses different communication channels, creating duplicate cases--with Case Merge Premium. Often, multiple contacts within a hospital system will create duplicate cases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Case Merge Premium helped Imprivata stay organized by detecting duplicate cases and merging them into one case. Imprivata was able to streamline communication and ensure multiple agents weren’t working on assisting the same customer.

Imprivata wanted agents to limit cases to a single issue because in the past cases containing multiple issues slowed down the support response time. When customers send multiple issues per case, agents may delay the entire case because one issue may take longer to resolve while another issue in the same case could take weeks. Using Case Split, Imprivata agents split cases bulked together, assigning the right department to each case with the correct timing.

Rated Best Customer Satisfaction EVER in 2020

Trusting your IT security platform is critical in normal circumstances but even more critical during an international health crisis.

To manage increasingly high case volume and the associated challenges of the healthcare industry in 2020, Imprivata relied on Service Experience Suite. As a result, Imprivata enjoyed its highest customer satisfaction to date: 9.62/10 from 1300 responses despite the challenges associated with the pandemic.

As Imprivata grows, they will look for ways to leverage SES to increase customer satisfaction by utilizing the tools to the greatest possible benefit.

Imprivata’s Secret Weapon to Exceed Customer Expectations Despite the Pandemic

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