Lifeline IT Increases Customer Response Rates by 60% with Simple Survey

“If Lifeline could ever build a survey tool, Simple Survey would be the template.”
Daniel Mitchell
Lifeline’s Founder and Director


  • Lifeline IT, an IT support and services provider, needed a native survey solution to gain insight into customers' needs.
  • The team wanted a way to leverage Salesforce Service Cloud to truly understand service interactions and measure customer satisfaction by using data on both cases and accounts.
  • As a result of using Simple Survey, Lifeline IT increased survey response rates by 60% and can now track the success of projects.

Strategic IT and Services Partner

Lifeline IT delivers support to organizations in the hospitality, well-being, retail, accountancy, and property industries. In the past, Lifeline based feedback on reviews and customer meetings, more or less speculating that their customers were satisfied.

Lifeline had been enjoying a positive experience with Salesforce Service Cloud, which was well adopted by employees and clients. Now, the company wanted to leverage the platform to truly understand service interactions while responding rapidly when service fell short of expectations. In addition to case and account-level reporting, they wanted to utilize exception reporting via an alert for negative feedback.  

Lifeline considered other survey tools, but none were intuitive and easy to use. When Lifeline attempted to build a tool in-house, they discovered the challenge of creating a genuinely user-friendly survey tool that also collected data in a clean and organized manner.

Hunting for a viable alternative on the AppExchange, Lifeline discovered Vicassos’ Simple Survey app, a Salesforce-native survey solution that provides an elegant experience without unnecessary bells and whistles. Positive reviews also noted the tool’s “ease of use.” Lifeline was especially attracted to the native capability that required no integration, as well as the one-click email solution.

Lifeline spoke with Vicasso who understood their unique needs and swiftly responded with a tailored demonstration that fit their use case. As Daniel Mitchell, Lifeline’s Founder and Director, noted, “It was a great experience from the start. Implementation required only a few hours. After the necessary workflow customization, Lifeline’s new survey tool was up and running in about a week.”

Simple Survey: Real-World Results

Lifeline’s immediate goal was to increase customer response rates by 30% based on response rates. Using Simple Survey, they increased customer response rates by approximately 60% within one month. With a single “1-5 rating” question, the company could now present relevant case information in survey questions.

Mitchell believes the “simple” survey functionality increased response rates while also showcasing accurate results in clean reporting. About those results: Lifeline was happy to see an average 4.9 (out of 5) rating, which confirmed speculations, while also adding valuable transparency.

Now, with real-time feedback, easily viewed in Salesforce support dashboards, Lifeline’s engineers can measure the company’s performance and their own performance compared to colleagues. Also, senior management can regularly review client feedback.

As Mitchell notes, they now get accurate and honest information on the team’s performance, which helps with coaching. “If Lifeline could ever build a survey tool,” Mitchell says, “Simple Survey would be the template.”

Feedback is Essential

Feedback is an essential tool for improving business processes. If a company is performing well, feedback empowers marketing to brag about successes. More importantly, consistent quality feedback enables a business to identify and fix problems.

Making surveys easier for customers lowers the barrier to feedback. Responses from the middle ground offer insight into the full experience you offer, revealing where you can make incremental improvements to achieve even higher customer satisfaction.

Mitchell offers the following tip: “Have the confidence to ask clients: ‘How are we doing?’ Feedback is valuable,” he notes, “particularly in the new remote working world. It’s great to hear about the good stuff, but the odd piece of negative feedback allows you to address concerns and resolve situations you may have never discovered.“

Lifeline IT Increases Customer Response Rates by 60% with Simple Survey

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