Own Decreases Case Handling Time with Vicasso's AppExchange Apps



  • Own, a Salesforce AppExchange ISV Partner, has grown 100% year over year the past two years and wants to ensure they could handle the higher support volume, while keeping their support team lean.
  • Own implemented Email to Case Premium, Case Merge Premium, and Case Split AppExchange apps from Vicasso's Service Experience Suite.
  • As a result, Own decreased time to resolution for cases collectively by 56%, while measuring high customer satisfaction.

Own: Leader in data backup and recovery

Own is the leading cloud data protection platform. Their platform proactively prevents data loss and corruption caused by human error, malicious intent, integration error and rogue applications. Own is the top-ranked backup and restore solution on the Salesforce AppExchange and has gained recognition as a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery.

Own has experienced hyper-positive growth year-over-year. But how can Own continue to provide excellent customer service when their customer base continues to grow fast?

Optimize service processes to handle high support volume

Own needed to scale their service capabilities to keep up with their growing support volume. At the time, they were using standard Salesforce features in the Service console, including email-to-case, but they realized that they would need to invest in tools and technology to create more efficient and effective processes to the delight of their customers.

Own's support agents were spending time on administration and searching for information rather than actively resolving customer issues. Service leadership at Own was looking for ways to minimize time wasted on administrative and repetitive tasks and allow their support agents to provide knowledge and answers without reinventing the wheel every time. For example, responses to customers were divided among individual email inboxes, Slack, and other media, which made it difficult to have a 360 degree view of the customer.

In an effort to optimize the processes surrounding their service experience, Own turned to Vicasso's applications, available on the AppExchange.

Adopt new technologies for increased efficiency

Gadi Vered works as the Director of Customer Support at Own. His approach to customer service is to keep the staff happy as a driver to keep the customer happy. Most service agents aren’t enthusiastic about administrative tasks, so the plan was to use technology to enhance their efficiency and enable them to focus more on case resolution.

"Email to Case Premium is best in class." - Lihod Rachmilevitch, VP Customer Success

When it came time to select a vendor, several Own employees, including the VP of Customer Success and other former Salesforce Admins, recommended Vicasso based on their experience with some of Vicasso's tools that they had used at previous companies. The tools Own chose to address their pain points were Email to Case Premium, Case Merge Premium, and Case Split. Gadi appreciates how the apps work together to leverage additional functionality that is dependent on having other apps within Service Experience Suite. In fact, Own is planning to deploy Service Experience Suite apps to other departments in the near future.

Gadi considers Email to Case Premium a must-have for service organizations. He even admitted that “Email to Case Premium has been with us for so long that we forget how helpful it is”, but he considers the app to be a “game-changer.” The ability to have all customer interactions in a single view in an organized timeline saves time, allows for faster progression of the case, and ensures that all interactions can be found in one place. Furthermore, canned case comments allow support agents to pick from pre-written messages rather than creating a new comment from scratch every time, which saves time and creates consistency.

Case Merge Premium is another time-saver because it allows Gadi’s team to reduce administration time and eliminates the headache caused by duplicate cases. The app automatically identifies duplicates based on specified criteria and makes quick work of merging case data. Case Split enables the support team to easily split a case into a new or existing case in order to avoid scope creep and maintain a “one issue per case” policy.

“Technology and tools are great; however, what makes Vicasso impressive is the human element. The service is exceptional - starting from the ease of use of the products, the rich knowledge base, and answers from the skilled staff.” - Gadi Vered, Director of Customer Support

An important consideration for Gadi when choosing an AppExchange app is time to value, which the apps delivered on. Implementation of all the products—Email to Case Premium, Case Merge Premium, and Case Split—was a breeze for Own. An added bonus is that the apps even allow for changes from power users who are not Salesforce Admins, which saves time when needing to make small tweaks.

Drop in case handling time. Decrease in case time to resolution by 56%.

Vicasso's apps were able to drive down Own’s case handling time while still maintaining a high level of service and customer satisfaction. In fact, time to resolution for cases decreased 33% per quarter this year with a collective decrease of 56% year to date. These metrics are impressive and show how Own is able to support more customers without having to hire additional reps in a direct ratio. In addition to reducing the time to resolution, Own has increased their customer satisfaction, which shows that they are continuing to provide excellent levels of service. Furthermore, by keeping their staff knowledgeable and flexible, Own was able to retain the human element of their customer experience.

Not only do the apps have an impact on the support team’s performance and customer experience, but the staff has also been appreciative of the reduction of repetitive tasks and “necessary evils” that are a part of the daily grind. On a daily basis, the solutions have enabled the support agents to reduce administrative work, provide templated canned responses, and handle duplicates. For example, using Email to Case Premium on Lightning, allowed for their responses to customers to be richer and more visual than before.

Another positive outcome is that using Case Merge Premium and Case Split reflects the true cost of a case since it is either split or merged to reflect the true number of issues, providing more accurate metrics.

Own just recently expanded their use of Vicasso's Service Experience Suite with the addition of Case Flags, which provides real-time visibility to cases needing attention and monitors response times to customers.

By reducing the case handling time, decreasing time to resolution, and reducing overall administrative tasks for their support agents through the use of Service Experience Suite, Own continues to provide excellent customer service to their growing customer base, while keeping their team small and nimble.

Own Decreases Case Handling Time with Vicasso's AppExchange Apps

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