Texas Partners Bank Streamlines Their Multi-Team Service Process

About the Company:

Texas Partners Bank is a customer-focused bank serving businesses in the Central Texas Region. They are the product of a merger between The Bank of San Antonio, The Bank of Austin, and Texas Hill Country Bank.

The Challenge:

After 3 banks merged, Texas Partners Bank experienced higher case volume and they needed customizable solutions for diverse processes of their various branches of customer service. This led to a host of challenges, such as:

- The support teams needed to assign multiple tasks from one case to various operational teams.

- Yet they still wanted their customers to have a streamlined experience, and not have to reach out to multiple teams for issues.

- There wasn’t an easy way to distinguish public communication between customers and agents from private communication between internal parties.

- Agents were sifting through an onslaught of files (e.g. social icons) from email attachments on each case. They needed a quicker way to access the important documents within cases.

- The IT team needed a way to measure how well they were supporting their internal customers.

Xonia Hendrix
Automation Engineering Manager
The Solutions:

- Case Split allows them to split one case with multiple tasks into separate cases that can be routed to the correct teams for review and fast response. Case Split also delivers a more streamlined customer experience, so despite complex routing between multiple teams happening in the background, the customer only has to submit a single request to get the help they need.

- One of Email to Case Premium’s many features allows them to use a simple toggle to distinguish internal communication from customer-facing conversations.

- File Slayer gives agents the ability to easily detect and remove unnecessary files from their cases, so they are left with only the files they need to work each case.

- Texas Partners Bank IT team uses Simple Survey to survey their internal customers and find areas for improvement in their processes.

The Result:

Agents are saving time, adoption of processes has improved, onboarding agents has become simplified, and customers are happier than ever. Xonia Hendrix, their Automation Engineering manager, said:

"Vicasso’s apps have allowed us to make fundamental changes in the way that we provide service."
Texas Partners Bank Streamlines Their Multi-Team Service Process

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