Tintri simplifies case management and increases productivity with Email to Case Premium


When Tintri, a data storage company based out of Santa Clara, first made contact with the Vicasso team, they were at an interesting turning point in their business. Recent acquisitions meant they needed to consolidate multiple brands into the same Salesforce org – a challenge that meant they also needed a solution to manage email support for three different product lines in a single Salesforce org. 

Enter Email to Case Premium, a solution that helps users streamline case management, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer service. Tintri was able to migrate their product support inbound email addresses, canned comments, and email templates into one place. This made it seamless for their technical support agents to manage cases without spending unnecessary time searching for case comments or pulling up the history of case communication, thus increasing their productivity and boosting the customer service experience overall for their clients.

“Email to Case Premium has enabled our technical support teams to more easily manage both internal and external case communications. Being able to see case comments and case emails in a single, hierarchical thread, has been key to providing efficient and consistent support to our customers.” - Support Operations Manager at Tintri

With a whopping 18 different email addresses with canned comments and templates associated with them, Tintri was concerned that a third-party app might struggle to streamline everything into one system, but Email to Case Premium was built to handle exactly that. And all it took was a 30-minute install.

“I wish everything was this simple.” - Support Operations Manager at Tintri

Both the technical support team and their management were delighted with the streamlined processes. Agents now have the ability to see the case comments and emails in a hierarchical thread, which saves time, and the enhanced comment list saves a lot of effort going through case comments. They can have thousands of comments on a case, so the ability to filter out public vs private comments and search the comments right in the case page is a huge time saver. And, as a result of the improved agent experience, their customers benefited too.

Email to Case Premium is available to Salesforce users on the App Exchange. Try it for free for 14 days to see how you can streamline your processes and boost productivity!

Tintri simplifies case management and increases productivity with Email to Case Premium

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