Our 2023 Dreamforce team

Learn a little more about who they are, in their own words.

Photos of the Vicasso employees who are attemding Dreamforce 2023 with mystery guest.
Chad Meyer

Chad is the founder of Vicasso, and has worked in Salesforce since 2004, improving customer and employee experience across the ecosystem.

George Guhr

George is Sales Director at Vicasso, and passionate about helping companies get the most ROI out of their Salesforce investment.

Howard Yermish

Howard is our Director of Product, helping businesses accelerate their service through tech for over 25 years.

Ketly Dorelus

Ketly, our Partner Manager, enjoys seeking opportunities for collaboration, networking, and building mutually beneficial business partnerships.

Sam Humes

Sam is Vicasso's Demand Generation Manager. She loves brand storytelling, and finding creative ways to reach new audiences.

Seth English

Seth is our Sales Development Representative, and is passionate about building positive customer journeys and crafting effective communication.