Vicasso Announces New Release of Simple Survey App for Salesforce

A recent Email Statistics Report by The Radicati Group estimated that the number of consumer emails sent per day will exceed 293 billion in 2019. Previous research revealed that consumers receive 88 emails each day, and the average consumer spends just 11 seconds reading each email (if opened).

In this context, email surveys face an uphill battle. No wonder “acceptable” survey response rates continue to hover around 30% with average rates hovering around 10 to 15%.

For enterprising brands, these numbers may seem dispiriting. After all, behind every ignored survey exists a Support Team Manager who actually wants to improve the service experience.

However, as PC Mag notes, with the right survey tools, a Support Team Manager can “provide not only a better experience for respondents, but also more precise data collection, which can be critical when…later transition[ed] to business analysis tools.”

Simply put, when your customers respond to surveys you learn what they like (and dislike), and this feedback can beneficially guide your business decisions.

In this way, feedback is invaluable to every aspect of the service experience, including responsiveness, utilization, and personalization–with feedback, the four pillars of  Vicasso's Service Experience Suite.  

As Vicasso's Product Manager Joe Reale notes, the best surveys provide actionable data that can be applied to every aspect of a business, and not merely in response to customers.

“If you know what the trends are,” Joseph says, “You know how to act on them.”

Along with Howard Yermish, Director of Product at Vicasso, Joseph recently delivered a webinar, “Deep Dive Into Simple Survey,” which explores a new exciting release of the best 100% native Salesforce app for surveys: Simple Survey.


As Howard notes, most surveys are too long and complicated with super-specific questions that create customer confusion. The new Simple Survey empowers Salesforce users to create the sort of elegant, streamlined surveys customers want to take.

“I could have my cat take this survey,” Howard often jokes, but his premise is sound.

From the design to survey, the new Simple Survey promotes simplicity and ease–what Howard calls “the best possible experience,” for all stakeholders in the survey process, from the survey builder to the customer.

Importantly, too, this process is safe and secure. As noted above, the new app, which was released on September 10 (with more upgrades, like Insights scheduled for the end of the month), is 100% native to Salesforce, which means all survey data is stored in one place: Salesforce.

As Joseph notes, “Simple Survey is purpose-built for Salesforce and not a survey tool that just happens to work with Salesforce.”


The webinar also discusses Simple Survey’s new design elements, including custom backgrounds and colors, live previews for desktop and mobile, and redirecting survey-takers to a predefined page after survey completion

Announced as an Open Beta (late September) for existing customers, Survey Insights enables better visibility and analysis of survey responses. Surveying trends can be easily uncovered by clicking into specific ratings and answer choices selected by survey respondents. Text responses are viewed through a “Word Cloud” showing relative word frequency. Coupled with Simple Survey’s existing Partial Responses feature, you can easily locate at what point during the survey does abandonment kick in.

In addition, Howard gave an overview of the roadmap for Simple Survey, highlighting Skip Logic (the ability to skip questions based on prior responses), improvements to duplicate prevention, new question types, and new merge fields for survey questions.

To listen to the webinar, click here.

September 18, 2019