Texas Partners Bank Uses 4 Vicasso Apps to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Texas Partner Bank uses Case Split, Email to Case Premium, File Slayer, and Simple Survey to build customer experiences that help their business thrive.

5 Important Questions to Consider When Choosing a Salesforce Survey App

According to Salesforce’s State of Service 2022 report, 88% of consumers and business buyers alike say experience matters as much as products, so choosing the right customer survey application can have an impact on your customer retention. 

Four Ways to Empower Your Agents to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

In recent years, the term “customer experience” has come to define a methodology for creating successful relationships with customers. To create a durable foundation for the ultimate experience, Vicasso believes the customer service model must focus on four key areas: Responsiveness, Utilization, Personalization, and Feedback.

Vicasso Announces New Release of Simple Survey App for Salesforce

Most surveys are too long and complicated with super-specific questions that create customer confusion. The new Simple Survey empowers Salesforce users to create the sort of elegant, streamlined surveys customers want to take.

What Are You Hearing? How to Improve the Feedback Experience

Feedback is a crucial element of the customer experience. Unfortunately, today’s customers often suffer from “survey fatigue”–when feedback solicitations become overwhelming. Worse, to combat survey fatigue, many businesses have resorted to essentially begging for feedback to improve response rates.

Personalize the Survey Experience to Protect Your Brand

To satisfy customers in today’s uncertain market, companies are striving to meet new and evolving needs. A happy customer is a loyal customer. In this current climate of uncertainty, more and more companies are leveraging customer feedback to amplify successful strategies while making adjustments to correct what might be wrong.

5 Steps to Better Customer Listening

Are your customers happy? A global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact the way we work and the way we live for years to come. There’s one big question to continually ask if one of your goals is to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations: What do your customers want or need now?

Four Ways to Empower Your Support Team in Salesforce

Extend and enhance Service Cloud with productivity-boosting tools, purpose built for the Salesforce platform. Empower your support team with our four pillars of the customer service experience: Responsiveness, Utilization, Personalization and Feedback.

Client Success Stories

Lifeline IT Increases Customer Response Rates by 60% with Simple Survey

Lifeline IT, an IT support and services provider, needed a survey solution to gain insight into customers' needs. They used Simple Survey to achieve this goal.

Webinars and Events

Simple Survey: New Features in April 2023

Watch a recording of the Live Stream where you’ll get a tour of Simple Survey’s new survey question types, survey builder experience, and more.