Four Ways to Empower Your Support Team in Salesforce

At Vicasso, we explore the areas in Salesforce that need solutions beyond what the standard platform tools provide. We design apps that enable you to leverage your #AwesomeAdmin skills to deliver excellent customer service experience.

So, how do we know what your team needs to better serve your customers? Because we use Salesforce across our entire organization, we have extensive experience on the platform. We have designed solutions to clear our own Salesforce hurdles and packaged up the code in user-friendly apps that you can easily install on the AppExchange.

To empower support teams, we start with our Service Experience Methodology.

A diagram showing the four pillars that make up Vicasso's Service Experience Suite.

Each of the four pillars represents one piece of the customer service experience, which will increase customer satisfaction.

  • You will want to focus on the pillar of Responsiveness first by ensuring you have the necessary tools to increase response time. Responsiveness is important because it is the first thing that your customers will notice and they will feel like a priority.
  • Next is Utilization, which is essential to ensure that your agents are neither at max capacity nor sitting on their hands. When you reduce friction in the support process, you can personalize.
  • With Personalization, you enhance relationships by adding a personal touch and showing your customers that they are talking to a human and not a robot on the other end.
  • With Feedback, your customers feel as though their voice is being heard, and it also gives your company insight. This feedback can be used to improve the customer experience.
January 15, 2021