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How to Eliminate Pesky Email Signature Attachments in Salesforce

File Slayer for Salesforce eliminates image attachments like Facebook, Twitter, corporate logos, and other images that are stored on cases and email messages. It gives teams easy visibility of necessary information, reduces agent confusion and eradicates errors on cases from images increasing email length.

Four Ways to Empower Your Agents to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

In recent years, the term “customer experience” has come to define a methodology for creating successful relationships with customers. To create a durable foundation for the ultimate experience, Vicasso believes the customer service model must focus on four key areas: Responsiveness, Utilization, Personalization, and Feedback.

Proactive vs Reactive Customer Support

In recent years, a new methodology has redefined how businesses utilize metrics. “Customer Success” is a metric-driven strategy for maintaining and optimizing long-term customer relationships. By anticipating a customer’s needs, Customer Success attempts to solve issues before they surface.

Help Your Support Team Deliver Faster Service Using Case Flags

Making the workday better for your customer service team has never been easier than with Case Flags for Salesforce, where managers and end-users all benefit from a clear view of their workload. Product Director Howard Yermish and Product Manager Thais Pedroso walk you through the ins and outs of Case Flags in their latest Live Stream. 

Build Trusted Customer Relationships Through Personalization

More and more businesses have recognized the value of delivering an exceptional experience, “customer experience” has become a clear competitive differentiator and a key metric for business success. But you can’t make relationships if you only focus on KPIs. For a support team that prioritizes the customer experience, the “metrics” are far more nuanced.

How to Maximize Service Cloud Capabilities in Salesforce

In today’s evolving business environment, companies are striving to be more agile and responsive to customer’s expectations. Customers who expect innovation require companies to push limitations. So how do you meet the evolving needs of your customers even as the marketplace changes?

Four Ways to Empower Your Support Team in Salesforce

Extend and enhance Service Cloud with productivity-boosting tools, purpose built for the Salesforce platform. Empower your support team with our four pillars of the customer service experience: Responsiveness, Utilization, Personalization and Feedback.

OwnBackup Transforms its Business with Vicasso and Salesforce

Vicasso recognized in 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards

Case Flags vs Milestones and Entitlements for Salesforce

Milestones and Entitlements can be an effective way to prioritize cases in Service Cloud. How does it compare to the Case Flags app?

Internet Creations is now Vicasso

Internet Creations has rebranded to better reflect the quality and innovation that you have come to expect from us. Welcome to Vicasso.

Client Success Stories

Improved Agent Experience = Improved Customer Experience: Service Experience Suite & B2W Software

B2W Software improved their agent experience, which in turn improved the customer experience with Service Experience Suite

Herman Miller Improves Customer Satisfaction with Service Experience Suite

Herman Miller needed to move from an antiquated system that tracked customer inquiries to a current and more robust CRM tool.

How Legrand Increased First Contact Resolution by 78%

Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, wanted to improve agent productivity for customer support cases.

Imprivata’s Secret Weapon to Exceed Customer Expectations Despite the Pandemic

Imprivata is the digital identity company for healthcare.

Own Decreases Case Handling Time with Vicasso's AppExchange Apps

Own is the leading cloud data protection platform.

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