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From Cost Center to Revenue Generator: A Customer Support Leader’s Guide

Customer service professionals often find themselves viewed as a necessary expense rather than a strategic asset. But what if we told you that customer service could be transformed from a cost center into a revenue generator? Let’s explore how we can shift this perception and unlock the true potential of our team.

Texas Partners Bank Uses 4 Vicasso Apps to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Texas Partner Bank uses Case Split, Email to Case Premium, File Slayer, and Simple Survey to build customer experiences that help their business thrive.

3 Native Salesforce Apps to Save Your Service Costs

There are day-to-day administrative tasks costing your support agents time, and therefore costing you money. But simply knowing there are proverbial leaks in your lifeboat isn’t enough. What can you do to plug the leaks and start saving on service costs? Here are 3 apps built within the Salesforce ecosystem that can save your customer service team time and money.

5 Hidden Costs in the Customer Service Process

Most support leaders tolerate inefficiencies in the case management process. But how do you know when you need to make changes?

How to use Canned Responses in Salesforce

Customer support teams face a common challenge: consistent, personalized communication that also maximizes productivity. Canned Responses streamline the support process, standardizing language while empowering support agents to customize the text as appropriate for each case.

Poor Response Time: The Customer Service Experience Killer

If a customer is contacting you for help, chances are, they’re already frustrated. Making customers wait for help compounds an already disappointing customer experience. Improving customer service response time can reduce customer resentment and increase customer loyalty.

5 Important Questions to Consider When Choosing a Salesforce Survey App

According to Salesforce’s State of Service 2022 report, 88% of consumers and business buyers alike say experience matters as much as products, so choosing the right customer survey application can have an impact on your customer retention. 

How to Eliminate Pesky Email Signature Attachments in Salesforce

File Slayer for Salesforce eliminates image attachments like Facebook, Twitter, corporate logos, and other images that are stored on cases and email messages. It gives teams easy visibility of necessary information, reduces agent confusion and eradicates errors on cases from images increasing email length.

Zendesk users: Is it time to consider Salesforce Service Cloud?

When you're growing a business, you're bound to encounter obstacles from time to time. But if you weren't good at overcoming them, you wouldn't be where you are, right?

The secret to workday bliss in Salesforce Service Cloud

Customer support is not for the faint-hearted. Each day presents a fresh batch of customer cases that can include complex problems.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Customer Service

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing how we live, work, and communicate, whether you’re ready for it or not. Between trust, artificial intelligence, and the future of work, organizations must adapt to customer expectations in this quickly evolving landscape.

Four Ways to Empower Your Agents to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

In recent years, the term “customer experience” has come to define a methodology for creating successful relationships with customers. To create a durable foundation for the ultimate experience, Vicasso believes the customer service model must focus on four key areas: Responsiveness, Utilization, Personalization, and Feedback.

Proactive vs Reactive Customer Support

In recent years, a new methodology has redefined how businesses utilize metrics. “Customer Success” is a metric-driven strategy for maintaining and optimizing long-term customer relationships. By anticipating a customer’s needs, Customer Success attempts to solve issues before they surface.

Help Your Support Team Deliver Faster Service Using Case Flags

Making the workday better for your customer service team has never been easier than with Case Flags for Salesforce, where managers and end-users all benefit from a clear view of their workload. Product Director Howard Yermish and Product Manager Thais Pedroso walk you through the ins and outs of Case Flags in their latest Live Stream. 

Build Trusted Customer Relationships Through Personalization

More and more businesses have recognized the value of delivering an exceptional experience, “customer experience” has become a clear competitive differentiator and a key metric for business success. But you can’t make relationships if you only focus on KPIs. For a support team that prioritizes the customer experience, the “metrics” are far more nuanced.

What Are You Hearing? How to Improve the Feedback Experience

Feedback is a crucial element of the customer experience. Unfortunately, today’s customers often suffer from “survey fatigue”–when feedback solicitations become overwhelming. Worse, to combat survey fatigue, many businesses have resorted to essentially begging for feedback to improve response rates.

Managing High Support Volume: 5 Essential Tips

Today’s customer service leaders need effective solutions to alleviate business challenges. Whether your challenge is increased user activity, or it’s weakened support capacity, we can help you solve high case volumes inside Salesforce while maintaining clear communication with your colleagues.

Not Business as Usual – How to Adapt and Support Your Customers Right Now

As a response to the pandemic, businesses across the world are rolling out continuity plans while trying to effectively utilize resources and manage remote teams.

How Two Customer Experience Experts Use Responsiveness to Achieve Service Success

The marketing world has coined a term to define today’s demanding customers: omni shoppers. As the name implies, an omni shopper is an omnivorous customer, who uses any resource, online or offline, to make buying decisions. These shoppers, who are both socially connected and convenience-oriented, value the customer experience as much as product quality.

How to Maximize Service Cloud Capabilities in Salesforce

In today’s evolving business environment, companies are striving to be more agile and responsive to customer’s expectations. Customers who expect innovation require companies to push limitations. So how do you meet the evolving needs of your customers even as the marketplace changes?

5 Steps to Better Customer Listening

Are your customers happy? A global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact the way we work and the way we live for years to come. There’s one big question to continually ask if one of your goals is to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations: What do your customers want or need now?

Four Ways to Empower Your Support Team in Salesforce

Extend and enhance Service Cloud with productivity-boosting tools, purpose built for the Salesforce platform. Empower your support team with our four pillars of the customer service experience: Responsiveness, Utilization, Personalization and Feedback.

Three Ways to Prioritize Customer Demand

As agents face more and more anxious, demanding customers with complex cases, customer retention is a primary challenge for service teams worldwide. More than closing one case and handling the next, modern customer service must ensure all interactions highlight a brand’s empathy and personalization.

Client Success Stories

"Salesforce and Vicasso delivered more than I expected" - Bill Ulmer, President, Retail Logistics LLC

Retail Logistics launched a customer portal in 2001 to provide customers with web-based self-service access to their order's status, inventory levels, and more.

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