Zendesk users: Is it time to consider Salesforce Service Cloud?

Zendesk users: Is it time to consider Salesforce Service Cloud?

When you're growing a business, you're bound to encounter obstacles from time to time. But if you weren't good at overcoming them, you wouldn't be where you are, right?

Personal development expert Dan Millman once wrote, "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

Whether you know the quote or not, chances are that's exactly what you've been doing.

So how come you're still struggling with Zendesk and not having a 360-degree view of the customer?

Make no mistake: Zendesk is a great tool. It sets up quickly and adds value in a helpdesk or self-service support context. It also has a couple of items Service Cloud doesn't.

But if you're like most businesses that want to scale, you eventually outgrow it.

If that feels like you—if you’re starting to think you need a wider, 360-degree view of your customer that encompasses service, sales, marketing, and more—maybe it's time to make the move from Zendesk to Service Cloud.

And if you do make that next move to scale your business, get in touch with Vicasso. Our apps for Service Cloud solve for the couple of things your agents might miss from Zendesk, like color-coded flags to improve response times and a better way to manage the inevitable headaches caused by duplicate support tickets.

March 22, 2019