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3 Native Salesforce Apps to Save Your Service Costs

There are day-to-day administrative tasks costing your support agents time, and therefore costing you money. But simply knowing there are proverbial leaks in your lifeboat isn’t enough. What can you do to plug the leaks and start saving on service costs? Here are 3 apps built within the Salesforce ecosystem that can save your customer service team time and money.

Poor Response Time: The Customer Service Experience Killer

If a customer is contacting you for help, chances are, they’re already frustrated. Making customers wait for help compounds an already disappointing customer experience. Improving customer service response time can reduce customer resentment and increase customer loyalty.

Solving the Inbound Spam Problem with Email to Case Premium for Salesforce

Spam is a major productivity problem everywhere, but in the contact center, you can’t treat it as aggressively and risk false-positives — losing a legitimate customer email would be very bad. Spam filtering at the email gateway is risky because email systems don’t have the benefit of your CRM data to cross-reference known contacts or accounts

Zendesk users: Is it time to consider Salesforce Service Cloud?

When you're growing a business, you're bound to encounter obstacles from time to time. But if you weren't good at overcoming them, you wouldn't be where you are, right?

The secret to workday bliss in Salesforce Service Cloud

Customer support is not for the faint-hearted. Each day presents a fresh batch of customer cases that can include complex problems.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Future of Customer Service

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing how we live, work, and communicate, whether you’re ready for it or not. Between trust, artificial intelligence, and the future of work, organizations must adapt to customer expectations in this quickly evolving landscape.

Help Your Support Team Deliver Faster Service Using Case Flags

Making the workday better for your customer service team has never been easier than with Case Flags for Salesforce, where managers and end-users all benefit from a clear view of their workload. Product Director Howard Yermish and Product Manager Thais Pedroso walk you through the ins and outs of Case Flags in their latest Live Stream. 

Managing High Support Volume: 5 Essential Tips

Today’s customer service leaders need effective solutions to alleviate business challenges. Whether your challenge is increased user activity, or it’s weakened support capacity, we can help you solve high case volumes inside Salesforce while maintaining clear communication with your colleagues.

Not Business as Usual – How to Adapt and Support Your Customers Right Now

As a response to the pandemic, businesses across the world are rolling out continuity plans while trying to effectively utilize resources and manage remote teams.

How Two Customer Experience Experts Use Responsiveness to Achieve Service Success

The marketing world has coined a term to define today’s demanding customers: omni shoppers. As the name implies, an omni shopper is an omnivorous customer, who uses any resource, online or offline, to make buying decisions. These shoppers, who are both socially connected and convenience-oriented, value the customer experience as much as product quality.

Three Ways to Prioritize Customer Demand

As agents face more and more anxious, demanding customers with complex cases, customer retention is a primary challenge for service teams worldwide. More than closing one case and handling the next, modern customer service must ensure all interactions highlight a brand’s empathy and personalization.

Case Flags vs Milestones and Entitlements for Salesforce

Milestones and Entitlements can be an effective way to prioritize cases in Service Cloud. How does it compare to the Case Flags app?

Client Success Stories

Improved Agent Experience = Improved Customer Experience: Service Experience Suite & B2W Software

B2W Software improved their agent experience, which in turn improved the customer experience with Service Experience Suite

Imprivata’s Secret Weapon to Exceed Customer Expectations Despite the Pandemic

Imprivata is the digital identity company for healthcare.

Own Decreases Case Handling Time with Vicasso's AppExchange Apps

Own is the leading cloud data protection platform.

Webinars and Events

Build an Impact Analysis to Uncover Hidden Costs in Your Service Process

Join Sean, Principal Solution Consultant, and Sam, Demand Generation Manager, for an in-depth conversation about hidden costs in your service process.

Case Flags: Three Ways to Improve Responsiveness

See three methods of using Case Flags to prevent cases from slipping through the cracks.

Get the most value out of Case Flags for Salesforce Service Cloud

See how Case Flags can be a game changer for your organization.