Texas Partners Bank Uses 4 Vicasso Apps to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Texas Partners Bank is what Xonia Hendrix describes as “a relationship-driven company.” Their main mission is to develop a stand-out customer experience every time. As their Automation Engineering Manager, she is tasked with seeking out and implementing solutions to help teams across the organization achieve this goal. 

In my chat with Hendrix, we discussed the challenge their service teams faced to fit standard Salesforce products into diverse processes, an issue that was especially prevalent after their multi-entity merger in 2020. Texas Partners Bank has service teams that center around loans, deposits, customer experience, and treasury management. As you might imagine, they don’t all align with the one-size-fits-all approach that standard Salesforce products offer. Additionally, they didn’t have the capacity to build a complex, documented customization for every service team. With the size and scale of their service operations, there was a significant need for user-friendly and customizable ISV solutions with accessible support.

When Hendrix first joined the Texas Partners team, they were already using 3 of Vicasso’s apps to solve this exact issue: Email to Case Premium, Case Split, and File Slayer. She was immediately struck by the adaptability of the apps, how easy they were to implement, and how much simpler they made new employee onboarding.

She elaborated on the benefits of File Slayer for helping to organize and streamline customer interactions, particularly for document-heavy processes. Before adopting the app, agents were combing through a document repository of 20 or more files, for 20 cases per week. As Hendrix says: “I'm certain that adds up.” She also mentioned the positive impact on the service process as a whole, emphasizing the alignment with the bank's relationship-driven approach.

“It filters out the junk to make sure that our cases have the most important information in them.”

When it came to Email to Case Premium, Hendrix highlighted how the app has created a much-needed seamless process for customers submitting service requests:

“One thing that I really like is that, if a customer has to reach out to one of our service departments, they’re seeing the same process no matter what. They're not seeing the complexities going on behind the scenes. So to have the process look the same to the customer, but to be able to have all those customizations working in the backend is great and really helpful.”

They also like the public vs. private comments feature, which allows agents across multiple teams to view all interactions on the case, and keep their communication to customers clear and concise.

Our conversation then shifted to Simple Survey, the adoption of which she spearheaded and piloted internally for the IT support team. They’re so pleased with it that they intend to roll it out to their customer-facing service teams. What she appreciates most about Simple Survey are the user-friendly survey customization options. Of the survey creation process she said:

“I’ve never had so much fun building a survey.”
December 22, 2023