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Texas Partners Bank Uses 4 Vicasso Apps to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Texas Partner Bank uses Case Split, Email to Case Premium, File Slayer, and Simple Survey to build customer experiences that help their business thrive.

3 Native Salesforce Apps to Save Your Service Costs

There are day-to-day administrative tasks costing your support agents time, and therefore costing you money. But simply knowing there are proverbial leaks in your lifeboat isn’t enough. What can you do to plug the leaks and start saving on service costs? Here are 3 apps built within the Salesforce ecosystem that can save your customer service team time and money.

How to use Canned Responses in Salesforce

Customer support teams face a common challenge: consistent, personalized communication that also maximizes productivity. Canned Responses streamline the support process, standardizing language while empowering support agents to customize the text as appropriate for each case.

Solving the Inbound Spam Problem with Email to Case Premium for Salesforce

Spam is a major productivity problem everywhere, but in the contact center, you can’t treat it as aggressively and risk false-positives — losing a legitimate customer email would be very bad. Spam filtering at the email gateway is risky because email systems don’t have the benefit of your CRM data to cross-reference known contacts or accounts

Build Trusted Customer Relationships Through Personalization

More and more businesses have recognized the value of delivering an exceptional experience, “customer experience” has become a clear competitive differentiator and a key metric for business success. But you can’t make relationships if you only focus on KPIs. For a support team that prioritizes the customer experience, the “metrics” are far more nuanced.

Managing High Support Volume: 5 Essential Tips

Today’s customer service leaders need effective solutions to alleviate business challenges. Whether your challenge is increased user activity, or it’s weakened support capacity, we can help you solve high case volumes inside Salesforce while maintaining clear communication with your colleagues.

How Two Customer Experience Experts Use Responsiveness to Achieve Service Success

The marketing world has coined a term to define today’s demanding customers: omni shoppers. As the name implies, an omni shopper is an omnivorous customer, who uses any resource, online or offline, to make buying decisions. These shoppers, who are both socially connected and convenience-oriented, value the customer experience as much as product quality.

Forward Customer Cases into Salesforce Without the Messy Clean-Up

Imagine if anyone at your organization could simply forward an email message to your support address, and a case would be automatically created for the customer

How to Set Case Priority in Salesforce based on Email Importance / Priority

Salesforce doesn’t flag cases by default, but it can be achieved by examining email headers with Salesforce workflow and then using a field update on Case Priority. Email headers are not captured by default, and before you enable them, consider the data storage implications.

Client Success Stories

Texas Partners Bank Streamlines Their Multi-Team Service Process

Texas Partners Bank improved customer experience, and streamlined their service process despite the complexity of several different specialty service teams.

Improved Agent Experience = Improved Customer Experience: Service Experience Suite & B2W Software

B2W Software improved their agent experience, which in turn improved the customer experience with Service Experience Suite

How Legrand Increased First Contact Resolution by 78%

Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, wanted to improve agent productivity for customer support cases.

IATA soars over customer service challenges with Email to Case Premium

As the trade association that represents, leads and serves the global airline industry, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has its hands full.

"Salesforce and Vicasso delivered more than I expected" - Bill Ulmer, President, Retail Logistics LLC

Retail Logistics launched a customer portal in 2001 to provide customers with web-based self-service access to their order's status, inventory levels, and more.

How Oregon State University’s College of Business Streamlined Service Operations

The IT team at the College of Business needed a better way to manage their helpdesk.

Imprivata’s Secret Weapon to Exceed Customer Expectations Despite the Pandemic

Imprivata is the digital identity company for healthcare.

Own Decreases Case Handling Time with Vicasso's AppExchange Apps

Own is the leading cloud data protection platform.

Webinars and Events

Supercharge Support: E2CP’s newest AI and Salesforce Knowledge features

Join Thais and Howard for a live discussion of Email to Case Premium's new AI and Salesforce Knowledge features and more!

Ten Things You Wish You Knew about Email to Case Premium

Ten things you wish you knew about Email to Case Premium that will take less than 20 minutes to implement for your support team.