How to use Canned Comments in Salesforce

WTF?! What's that feature? Canned Comments, A feature of Email to Case Premium

Welcome to today’s “What’s That Feature?” Today we will look at “Canned Comments,” a feature of Email to Case Premium.

Customer support teams face a common challenge: consistent, personalized communication that also maximizes productivity.

Canned Comments streamline the support process, standardizing language while empowering support agents to customize the text as appropriate for each case.

Below we’ll explore the benefits of Canned Comments, and how you can easily integrate this Email to Case Premium feature into your Salesforce Org.

Eliminate Multiple Steps

To create consistent language in customer communication, most support teams work ad hoc, cutting and pasting text from multiple windows, and searching through spreadsheets to find the information they need.

There is also the multiple step process of stylizing the text, adding attachments, and including contact information. Each step adds a higher chance of making a mistake.

When using Email to Case Premium, agents access a streamlined page with all the necessary information. The Canned Comments feature offers a drop-down menu of pre-written responses while also allowing you to populate relevant information such as the customer’s name. Corresponding attachments are readily available, which means no more embarrassing follow-up emails apologizing for forgotten attachments!

Increase Productivity

Agents often encounter the same customer issues throughout the day. Without a process put in place, they end up writing responses to similar questions on-the-fly, or re-asking questions for clarification, resulting in inconsistency and loss of productivity.

WIth Email to Case Premium, agents do not need to recall resolutions or ask themselves if the content is accurate. Additionally, there is no need to check if the content is accurate because experts already approved the pre-written responses.

Canned Comments are just one of the many customer support features that Email to Case Premium has to offer. Get it in the Salesforce AppExchange and start your 14-day free trial today!

If you are already an Email to Case Premium customer, follow the steps below to start using canned comments.

  1. Use the App Launcher (Lightning) or the App Menu (Classic) to locate the Email to Case Premium app.
  2. Once in the app, select the Email to Case Premium Settings tab. This will bring you to the Outbound Configuration page.
  3. Canned Comment settings can be found within the General Settings section, and some of the settings may already be enabled.
  4. To enable Canned Comments, ensure that the Enable Canned Comments option is checked on.
  5. If you have specific files/attachments that you’d like to use in conjunction with Canned Comments, you’ll want to ensure that the Enable Canned Comment Attachments option is checked on. This is particularly useful if you want to have a Canned Comment that would include a PDF for a user guide, special instructions, product specifications or otherwise.
  6. Provide your agents the ability to search for Canned Comments either by their title or text body by enabling the Search Canned Comment Text option. This becomes increasingly helpful as you add more Canned Comments to your Org and as you onboard new agents.
  7. Navigate back to the top of the page, click the Quick Save button and select the Canned Comments object tab to get started with creating your own Canned Comments.

May 8, 2019