5 Important Questions to Consider When Choosing a Salesforce Survey App

According to Salesforce’s State of Service 2022 report, 88% of consumers and business buyers alike say experience matters as much as products, so choosing the right customer survey application can have an impact on your customer retention. 

88% of consumers and business buyers alike say experience matters as much as products.

With several options available to Salesforce users, it can be difficult to sort through catalogs of features and figure out what’s essential and in alignment with your customer feedback program goals. That’s why we compiled this list of important questions to ask yourself when deciding on a Salesforce survey app.

How important is survey response rate? 

According to a Userpilot blog, 67% of 1000 survey recipients will abandon an ongoing survey if it’s too long, poorly designed, or not relevant to them. If you’re highly focused on gathering as much customer feedback as possible with your survey program, you’re definitely going to want to invest in a tool that offers Skip Logic.

Skip Logic is a feature that helps survey builders deliver a personalized and enjoyable survey experience that encourages higher response rates. You can use Skip Logic to control which questions are delivered based on the survey taker’s previous answers, as well as existing demographic and behavioral data in Salesforce. As an example of how it’s used, if a customer gives you a high score, you can configure Skip Logic to deliver questions such as “What about your service experience did you like most?” Conversely, if a client gives you a low score or thumbs down, Skip Logic can deliver questions related to how you can improve your service moving forward. This helps to eliminate survey fatigue and reduce the amount of recipients who give up on your survey before they submit results.

67% of 1,000 survey recipients will abandon an ongoing survey due to survey fatigue.

What level of automation will I need?

Some Salesforce survey builders allow you to build automations that will trigger delivery of a survey after a case closure or project milestone. Rather than spending valuable time manually sending your surveys, automation technology and transactional surveying will help save you time and energy. It will also help you reach your customers while their experience is still top-of-mind. To encourage higher response rates, you may want to consider a tool that allows for 1-click surveying – which makes a survey as easy to respond to as it is to delete. Additionally, many survey tools allow you to automatically set up follow-up activities based on the survey response – so, for instance, your team will know to offer certain customers discounts or promoters to make up for a lackluster service experience.

What type of analytics do I need access to?

The entire point of adopting a survey program is to have access to customer insights. If there isn’t a fast and reliable way to view your survey data and make changes based on these trends, your survey program isn’t going to be worth much. Before diving into building your surveys, we recommend having a plan in place for how you will collect the survey data, what you will do with the data you collect, and how you plan to analyze that data. Even though every voice counts, t’s easy to fall into the trap of making changes based on a single customer’s feedback, so our recommendation is to base your decisions off of overall trends. This is why it’s important to invest in a survey tool that gives you different methods of organizing your survey results, so you can get a 360-degree view of your customer, easily analyze survey results, and identify trends. 

For example, Simple Survey allows you to view your survey results using word clouds, which will show commonly used words identified in your customer feedback – and the most commonly used words will be shown larger than the rest. This gives you an effective visualization of the feedback you receive and can even tell you if one customer service representative is making a memorable impression on your customers.

Do I need my survey tool to speak to my CRM system?

Answering this question before choosing a survey program will save you a lot of future headaches. For instance, if your business is already using Salesforce to manage day-to-day operations, bringing in a survey tool that’s native to Salesforce is the safest and easiest way to begin gathering customer data. Employing applications outside of Salesforce can increase the risk of data breach, complicate compliance, and will usually involve a complex integration process that requires ongoing maintenance. If you want a solution that's native to Salesforce, a good way to narrow your search is to search on the AppExchange

How much customization am I interested in?

Branding consistency helps position your company as trustworthy and professional, and this principle should apply to your feedback requests as well! We recommend choosing a Salesforce survey application that allows you to personalize your survey to align with your brand’s colors, fonts, and voice. Additionally, if your survey is specifically intended to measure the success of your customer service team, you’ll likely want a tool that’s purpose-built for that particular use case. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the available options, you can keep it simple with Simple Survey. Our newest version includes all of the features mentioned above, and so much more!

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May 11, 2023