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Simple Survey:
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in Spring 2023

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Thais Pedroso

Product Manager
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Megan Tesch

Product Manager

Deliver the Perfect Service Experience

Improve service agent experience. Increase customer satisfaction. And reduce the cost to service a case.

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Seeing is believing.

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Calculate your ROI

Quantify the return on improving service agent experience in Salesforce.

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Increase your Net Promoter Score®

Simple Survey is a 100% native Salesforce survey app designed to increase response rates.

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With nearly two decades of platform experience, we develop native Salesforce solutions that will transform the way your teams work—from anywhere.

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Praise for Service Experience Suite

CSAT Success

We use this to run all of our surveys, including CSAT. We couldn't be happier. It is very intuitive.

Brent Bunker

Sr. Director Customer Support, Duetto

Allows us to use Salesforce for Customer Support

I've implemented Email to Case Premium at multiple companies I've worked at, and love it. The functionality is 10 times greater than just using "Cases". I'm especially a fan of the Comments section so we can easily see the stream of emails back and forth between the customer and our support team. All our customer data is in Salesforce, so we need to use Salesforce for support, so we can easily access info about our client, and make the appropriate queues. But if it weren't for E2CP, we wouldn't have been able to. Thank you, E2CP!

David Jacoby

President, Hostfully

Time saver and improved case metrics

This product takes the hassle out of creating new cases when your customer lumps multiple issues into one case or responds back to a resolved case with a new issue. Not only is it easy to use, but case metrics and issue tracking are so much better after using this product. I would highly recommend it and your support agents will thank you.

Darin Schwarte

Cirruspath, Inc.

Make it easy to find and merge dupes and boost agent productivity

Duplicate cases was a major challenge in our organisation. Case Merge Premium considerably improves on Salesforce's native merge feature. Our agents can merge from list views when cases are still assigned to a queue, merge up to 9 cases (instead of the standard 3), and can easily compare cases side-by-side to confirm that they are related before merging. Support is friendly, smart, and helpful. Recommended.

Sarah Kounnou

Customer Services Product Owner, BetKing

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