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Reduce your cost of service with case management apps for Salesforce®

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Reduce your cost of service with friction-busting apps for Salesforce®

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Howard Yermish, Director of Product at Vicasso

Howard Yermish

Director of Product
Megan Tesch, Product Manager at Vicasso

Megan Tesch

Product Manager
56% decrease in time to resolution for OwnBackup.
46% decrease in initial response time for B2W Software.
78% improvement in first contact resolution for Legrand.

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Works as Advertised

We have only had File Slayer for a few months but it has already had an impact on our Salesforce org. 662 files slayed which led to an additional 980 files never being added. File storage is an issue for us, but our primary use case was to keep our service cases uncluttered so agents and engineers could find the 'important' files at a glance. It saves time and frustration and we are very happy with the product.

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Sheila O'Rourke

Certified Divisional Administrator, AFTD North America, Graco

The best survey tool for Salesforce!

This app has a great, easy to use interface in Salesforce. It's simple (yeah, the title is accurate!) to integrate sending surveys with other communications to your customers. Can't recommend it enough.

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Merry Eisner-Heidorn

COO & Co-Publisher, RTO Insider LLC

Simple and intuitive

We use Simple Survey for cases, work orders, opportunities and NPS. It was very easy to set up and we were up and running in a just a few hours. With some development work within Salesforce, we have average scores and a count of total surveys sent for each area so we have a clear picture of where we are succeeding or failing individual customers. Overall very happy with the product.

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Louisa Barrett

CRB Cunninghams

Simply Works

Very simply put - it works. It merges the duplicate cases, gives a plethora of options to customize what gets merged. With the support of Vicasso it has been a working and welcome addition to our org.

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Dave Moudy

Business Applications System Administrator, Tandem HR

Practical little helper

Really helpful to split cases with multiple topics into different sub-cases. It's easy to use, setup is seamless and the vendor support is good!

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Patrick Lutiger

Manager, Global CRM, Komax AG

Great Support

We were facing an issue with another managed package during the setup of File Slayer. The support from Vicasso was great and straight forward. They developed a solution for our issue and now the File Slayer is working. We're currently setting it up finally.

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Urban Christen

Support and Operation Manager, Komax AG

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