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Simple Survey:
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in Spring 2023

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Thais Pedroso

Product Manager
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Megan Tesch

Product Manager

Deliver the Perfect Service Experience

Improve service agent experience. Increase customer satisfaction. And reduce the cost to service a case.

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Seeing is believing.

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Quantify the return on improving service agent experience in Salesforce.

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Simple Survey is a 100% native Salesforce survey app designed to increase response rates.

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Praise for Service Experience Suite

Amazing tool and amazing team!

I previously used Case Flags in a different company, but as a user rather than an admin, so I came in knowing the functionality for agents but not about how the reporting part works. I was in awe at the level of detail I could go into. You can report on absolutely anything you need to and automate much more than what's available in the package. Overall, great product, the team are amazing and always available to help guide where needed, and the product is well documented.

Steve Treglown

Director, Technical Support, ComplyAdvantage

Quick and Easy

We have been using File Slayer for years now. We utilize a tool that syncs emails to Salesforce which attaches the company and social logo files that live in our signatures. File Slayer goes to work in the back end to help keep our storage down and assist users with not having to dig through useless attachments when reviewing the activity record.

Stephanie Boggs

Consultant / Owner, CRMingo

Great add-on to Salesforce

This app really helped us to keep all communication with our clients in one spot. It was easier and faster to address issues that were in Salesforce, since all the emails were accessible and in order. Also, it keeps all the people involved in the loop. Great add-on.

Sarai Perez

Asset Admin, Westco Grounds Maintenance

Simply Works

Very simply put - it works. It merges the duplicate cases, gives a plethora of options to customize what gets merged. With the support of Vicasso it has been a working and welcome addition to our org.

Dave Moudy

Business Applications System Administrator, Tandem HR

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