CalcEngine’s “what-if” functionality is a game changer for AGCO's growth vision

"We knew we could trust Vicasso to once again deliver a custom app that helps us be leaders in our industry and provide a better experience to our customers."
Eric Zimmerman
Global Process Manager

AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision agriculture technology. 

To help their Partner network leverage the benefits of a CRM—where they often lack the resources for their own system—AGCO rolled out a Partner Community on Salesforce. Dealers were able to better manage their sales funnel providing AGCO with improved visibility into their end-user customers and forecasting. As they continued to build this Partner Community, AGCO realized the need to create more meaningful customer profiles. 

Improving the forecasting game

Enter: CalcEngine. AGCO partnered with Vicasso to create CalcEngine, a custom enterprise application built on Sales Cloud. This custom app optimizes the ways cost calculations, like Profit and Margin, were done in Salesforce. The added functionality allows salespeople to have added flexibility when designing opportunities in Salesforce. 

CalcEngine gives AGCO and its dealers the same base data model for Opportunities, Quotes, Quote Line Items, Discounts, etc., for all global regions while also allowing for the flexibility to populate fields in different ways. Practically speaking, dealers can test out different cost options to see how they can maximize their margins on a particular contract, right within the Salesforce platform. This functionality leverages “What-If” analysis which allows users to manipulate values on-the-fly, without hitting platform limitations. 

Eric Zimmerman, Global Process Manager at AGCO says of the project, “We’ve been partnering with Vicasso since 2011 and they’ve been an integral part of our Salesforce innovation and success. When it came to building CalcEngine, we knew we could trust Vicasso to once again deliver a custom app that helps us be leaders in our industry and provide a better experience to our customers.”

A piece of the puzzle for AGCO’s vision

As AGCO brings more dealers onto their Partner Community, this shared database allows AGCO to crowdsource data and make enhancements. The increased visibility into customers helps AGCO create more meaningful profiles that lead to better analytics. In the future, AGCO plans to expand CalcEngine to other parts of the business, including their AGCO Power sector, Grain & Protein, and even Claims processing. 

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