Salesforce Community Cloud Enables Faster Customer Support

“When you can put a finished site like this in front of a customer with complete confidence, it speaks volumes about those who did the technical crafting.”
Kathy Frye
Director, Customer Support at Cornerstone Information Systems, Inc.

Cornerstone Information Systems, Inc. is a technology company helping the world’s largest companies in the travel industry solve complex problems through their data management, automation, and analytics solutions.

Service Agents at Cornerstone were inundated with trivial issues that had already been solved in the past, hindering them from providing solutions to unique, complex, and critical issues in a timely manner. At a conference, Cornerstone made the promise to their customers that they would provide faster support.

Vicasso implemented an online customer community for Cornerstone, empowering their customers to find answers to their questions in a knowledge base before submitting a case to the service team. Product ideas are exposed through the customer community, enabling customers to submit and comment on feature requests and enhancements. Furthermore, customers now have access to their account details and case history resulting in higher engagement.

As a result of implementing self-help resources, Cornerstone decreased the number of cases created. By implementing a customer community, Cornerstone delivered on the promise they had made of providing faster support.

Business Challenge

  • Service agents were inundated with trivial issues that had previously been solved
  • Resolving unique, complex, and critical customer issues took too long, because agents were distracted by trivial issues


  • Case deflection by implementing a customer community with a Knowledge Base
  • Higher engagement by enabling customers to submit and comment on feature requests and enhancements in Ideas app in customer community


  • Decrease in the number of new cases created due to self-help resources
  • Visibility to account details and case history for customers
  • Cornerstone was able to deliver on their promise of providing faster support

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