Leveraging the Power of Salesforce to Empower Tomorrow’s Leaders



  • Regional staff at Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) were struggling to access member information for one-on-one meetings with 30,000+ members across the United States.
  • A hybrid mobile app powered by Salesforce provided the ability to quickly and easily search for and update member information in Salesforce.
  • The mobile app increased productivity and Salesforce adoption by providing LEE regional directors with the technology to view member information anytime, anywhere.
ampLEEfy App

Inspiring Leaders to Fight Educational Inequity in Local Communities

Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE) is a nonprofit organization striving to inspire and equip a diverse group of current and former teachers to engage civically and politically on behalf of students in their communities. With more than 30,000 members who have worked in America’s highest needs schools, LEE's members are taking action to ensure every student has access to a quality education.

Face-to-face meetings have served as the most successful medium for regional staff to get to know members and customize opportunities according to their needs. Individual meetings also mean staff is constantly traveling which can be an overwhelming challenge when the member platform is static and difficult to navigate on the road. Sean Conner, LEE’s director of Integrations and Automation, decided to find the solution.

Sifting through Outdated, Paper-Based Information

To help members get the most out of their face-to-face meetings, staff had to sift through handwritten or digitally scattered notes to find the relevant member information. Member history and activity logs were available in Salesforce, but the regional directors did not have the time to login to Salesforce and search for what they needed. When they did have the time, the information was frequently missing or incomplete.

“Not only would staff waste time looking for information in Salesforce that did not exist, but they also did not have the time to update Salesforce with the results of their face-to-face meetings,” explained Mr. Conner. “We needed a way to break the cycle of inefficiency and inaccurate information.”

If the cycle persisted, the lack of time to prepare for meetings could negatively affect interactions with members. Mr. Conner reasoned the clear solution was building access to the most current member information within Salesforce, making it fast and easy – even for directors on the road traveling from one meeting to the next.  

When Mr. Conner needed advice for integrating LEE’s website with Salesforce on an earlier project, he had turned to Vicasso. With more Salesforce expertise required, he once again sought Vicasso as a trusted partner.

ampLEEfy App on mobile

Vicasso Solves LEE's Inefficiency Problems with Salesforce

Since regional staff members are always on the road, a mobile app was the obvious choice. The hybrid app developed by Vicasso works on both Android and iOS and is powered by the Salesforce1 mobile platform.

Like all custom apps built with the Salesforce Mobile SDK, LEE’s app provides a highly customized user experience. In the mobile app, LEE's staff can access all of the information they need to prepare for their face-to-face meetings without logging in to Salesforce. They can search for members and view details on a member’s location so they know where to go and what opportunities are available for the members locally. Other critical data such as employee history and training records is available so regional directors can grasp the member’s story at a glance.

The app also offers familiar Salesforce features and allows regional directors to update information within Salesforce from their mobile devices. For example, they can log one-on-one activities, capturing what happened during the meetings so the member records are always current and accurate. They can even create follow-up tasks from the app so they know what they need to do next for the members.

“This project required significant customization to ensure that the app aligned with our existing business processes," said Mr. Conner. "But, for Vicasso, it was business as usual.”

Leveraging Technology to Help Members Realize Leadership Potential

With the mobile app in use, LEE's staff now has member information at their fingertips. The time and energy they save over using handwritten or printed materials can be channeled into even more productive meetings with members.

Salesforce adoption also has increased throughout the organization. In the mobile app, using Salesforce is not only effortless but it increases efficiency and, thus, increases use of Salesforce.

Most importantly, the mobile app creates more time and energy for staff to focus on ensuring every student receives a quality education. With Salesforce and Vicasso, Leadership for Educational Equity regional directors have the technology they need to empower members to grow as leaders and help create a more equitable world for children in communities nationwide.

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