LOGICnow Deflects 1,000+ Support Tickets in One Month with Coveo for Salesforce – Empowering Clients, Saving Company Time & Money



  • LOGICnow was experiencing an incredibly high volume of support ticket requests, putting a strain on employees' time and, subsequently, financial resources. 
  • Vicasso integrated the Coveo for Salesforce search functionality and added Salesforce Knowledge on the LOGICnow community and public-facing website to encourage clients to find the information needed on their own. The one-search solution deflected support ticket requests to a self-help system, freeing up employees to concentrate on other core competencies. 
  • In only the first month up and running, the company recouped 25 percent of the cost of its Coveo implementation. ROI should be positive within the next quarter. 

LOGICnow provides its clients, IT professionals, with intelligent IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions to maximize technology, coordinate data and increase system efficiencies. And, being the "only 100 percent SaaS, fully cloud-based ITSM platform for IT pros who manage organizations from just a few to up to tens of thousands of endpoints that span multiple locations and functions," they do it very well for a growing client base. LOGICnow is headquartered in the UK, with its primary US office in Durham, NC.

With more than 15,000 customers around the world relying on LOGICnow's expertise and solutions, it's understandable that the company's technical support staff are often inundated with support questions. The company's ITSM product suite includes MAX Risk Intelligence, MAX Remote Management, MAX Backup & Disaster Recovery, MAX Mail and MAX Service Desk. Questions about installation, implementation, integration and more are seemingly endless. And, so were the number of support tickets being filed with LOGICnow's help desk.

Until Leo Sanchez, director of the company's global technical support division, decided it was time do what LOGICnow does best: find an IT solution to save time and money.


Information Chaos: There Had to Be a Better Way

LogicNow Articles and Answers

Prior to the Coveo/Knowledge implementation, thousands of customers had myriad questions about LOGICnow's solutions. "For example, let's say a customer wanted to set something up. They could go to the related help document which would explain what to do," said Mr. Sanchez. "But if they came across a problem during the setup, that document may not have troubleshooting information. So, they would have to go to the Knowledge Base."

There were answers out there, plenty of them, Mr. Sanchez said. However, all of the information was housed in a variety of repositories, siloed from each other, if you will, making efforts to retrieve information cumbersome and time-consuming.

  • From the customers' perspectives, what could have, and should have, been a quick online Q&A process, often resulted in frustration and a help desk support case being logged.
  • From LOGICnow's internal vantage point, employees were wasting valuable time handling issues that could have been handled more efficiently through client self-help avenues.

Bottom line, Mr. Sanchez wanted to find a solution that would be a one-stop-shop for clients, and employees, searching for information. Moreover, he wanted to ensure that people were getting the best answers to their questions, and not just a collection of various pieces of information that needed to be culled, deciphered and implemented.

"When our customers could not find the answers by themselves, they opened support cases. We were overwhelmed," Mr. Sanchez explained. "We wanted customers to have the answers and solutions to them when they needed them. We knew Coveo would be able to allow customers to do a search and bring back all information from all the repositories. Better yet, Coveo Cloud features intelligent search; it always returns the best matching results."

Next Step: finding a partner to integrate Coveo for Salesforce with LOGICnow's system.


Need to Organize Resources and Improve Efficiencies? Look No Further than Vicasso

Mr. Sanchez said the choice was easy. "Vicasso has always done a really good job on our projects. The project management team is on time, precise and constantly working toward meeting our project goals," he said. "I had confidence in the Vicasso team and, as usual, they didn't let me down."

Just as Mr. Sanchez had confidence that the Coveo solution would be able to help the company deliver its customers one, unified source of information, he said he also knew Vicasso, a Hamilton, NJ-based Salesforce partner, would exceed his expectations by implementing the workable solution.

Success! Vicasso updated LOGICnow's website to make Knowledge, once used only by support engineers, visible to clients. Further, by integrating Coveo search into LOGICnow's system, customers have a self-service, one-search feature that is able to access and return results from Salesforce Knowledge and a variety of other sources.


A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

LogicNow Coveo Search Knowledge Base

By implementing the Coveo search functionality and Salesforce Knowledge, LOGICnow's customers are able to access answers to all their questions with one search — be it a query about installation, troubleshooting or general information collection. Coveo search functionality indexes all data repositories, including Chatter answers, help documents, product manuals, YouTube videos, the company's own knowledge base, etc.

By making Salesforce Knowledge client facing, a significant number of questions are being deflected because clients can search and find what they need simply and quickly.

Further, by empowering LOGICNow's help desk to have internal access to Coveo, support tickets that are logged can be handled and closed efficiently, as well. "Coveo gives us the ability to combine all our resources to provide clients with the best answers to their questions," Mr. Sanchez explained.

Clients who need answers to questions have a self-help option which can save them significant time. Simultaneously, we have reduced the amount of cases filed with the LOGICNow support team." When they do have a support ticket filed, LOGICnow support engineers are able to help customers by doing searches while working on cases.


Happy Customers + Reduced Support Tickets = Significant ROI

Successful may be an understatement. Coveo and Knowledge were launched a month before the writing of this article. LOGICnow is already hearing from customers; they are ecstatic about how easy it is to find information and how much time they are able to save with the new, more automated comprehensive search function.

"I sincerely appreciate all of the effort Vicasso put into this deployment...to ensure LOGICnow is successful with this implementation," Mr. Sanchez said.

Mr. Sanchez explains that the new system has significantly helped LOGICnow more effectively manage its caseload, while empowering customers with the ability to find the answers to questions on their own, without needing assistance from LOGICnow support engineers. "Through significantly improved organization and response times, we have very happy customers," he said. "While the cost savings are also great, it's really more about what this means to our customers and their ultimate satisfaction. You can’t really put a price on that."

The company currently has technical support engineers in five offices across three continents and serving more than 15,000 customers worldwide. Mr. Sanchez said the company expects to grow exponentially in the next few years. More customers usually results in more support cases, however, with LOGICnow's self-help solution in place, Mr. Sanchez predicts even more cost-savings because the company will not need to expand its support staff.

"As time goes on, we expect to deflect more traffic to the site. As more customers become aware of the self-help resource, we will save even more time and money while still providing a positive customer experience," Mr. Sanchez predicted. "Considering the savings and the cost of the tool and implementation, we've already seen 25 percent ROI in only one month. I foresee complete positive return on investment way before the end of 2016."

Now, thanks to Vicasso, LOGICnow is able to point users to its support website and customers have one-click access to all those repositories with one simple search.

LOGICnow Deflects 1,000+ Support Tickets in One Month with Coveo for Salesforce – Empowering Clients, Saving Company Time & MoneyLearn more about our Manufacturing solutions

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