Nardello & Co. Revolutionizes Billing and Time Entry



  • Inefficiencies caused by disparate accounting systems posed a business challenge to Nardello & Co.’s CFO
  • Salesforce is now the official source of truth for accounting data, powered by Accounting Seed
  • Operations are more efficient: easier data entry, reduced errors, and seamless flow of accounting data results in a 50% decrease in billing time

Nardello & Co. - A recognized leader in the global investigative sector

Nardello & Co. is a leading global investigations firm with headquarters in New York and offices around the globe. The company handles a wide range of matters including due diligence, anti-corruption & fraud investigations, litigation & arbitration support, political risk & strategic intelligence, and cyber defense for law firms, corporations, governments, individuals, and other organizations of various sizes.

Nardello & Co. was operating as a global firm, but still had many manual processes, especially in accounting. How did they address this issue?

Disparate Systems and Manual Processes

The company’s business challenge was inefficiencies caused by siloed accounting systems. While they were using QuickBooks in one office, other locations had their own systems, and none of these systems were integrated with each other. On top of this, the systems in place utilized spreadsheets or other tools that caused delays and errors. These disjointed systems made it very difficult to understand staff utilization and billing in a timely manner.

Causing further strife was the need to be physically in the office or connected to a VPN in order to enter time. This led to late or, often, missing time entry.

Producing reports was also time-consuming. Nardello & Co. needed an accounting system that could act as the company’s one source of truth as they continued scaling their global operations.

In response to these challenges, Kris Bachmann was hired as Nardello & Co.’s Chief Financial Officer and was tasked with finding a new system.

One Source of Truth for Accounting

“The trust that had been built up with Chad and Dan [from Vicasso] made them stand out.” - Kris Bachmann, CFO, Nardello & Co.

Vicasso had already implemented Salesforce for Nardello & Co. before he joined the firm, so when Kris wanted to consolidate accounting processes on the platform, he looked to Vicasso for guidance.

Vicasso created a proof of concept to showcase the capabilities of Accounting Seed. The accounting software’s flexibility, reasonable cost, and foundation on the Salesforce platform were the main reasons Kris decided on Accounting Seed. Accounting Seed was able to achieve Kris’ goal of keeping all of the company’s accounting processes in one system, despite work being done in multiple time zones.

Nardello & Co. Takes a “Quantum Leap” Forward: Time to Billing Decreases by 50%

“Time entry is now the best I have seen in any service business.” - Kris Bachmann, CFO, Nardello & Co.

Nardello & Co. now has more timely information and accurate data available to run the firm, which is a “quantum leap” from what they had access to before, according to Kris. The move to Accounting Seed made time entry much easier. Employees can enter their billable time from anywhere, including from home and on their mobile devices.

Time entry happens on a daily basis, which is crucial for any service business. Accounting Seed allows them to easily identify missing time cards and ensure accurate data. Because Accounting Seed runs on the Salesforce platform, there’s flexibility in adding the required comments on time entries, which ensures that employees provide the much-needed details as they log their time.


Nardello - Case Meeting Dashboard 2020 (Redacted).png


Powered by Salesforce, scheduled dashboards and source reports provide employees with timely, accurate data. Having easy access to this data has transformed the way Nardello & Co. operates. For example, in meetings intended for updates on project work, the meeting chair can pinpoint projects for discussion based on the data available to them in Salesforce, rather than spending precious time on rote report-outs from every person in the room.

One of the most significant results of the Accounting Seed implementation is that the time to complete their billing has decreased by 50%. 

Salesforce and Accounting Seed have provided Nardello & Co. with greater insight into their data. According to Kris, “Accounting Seed has given us the ability to forecast, conduct daily utilization check-ins, and run weekly utilization reporting. We couldn’t do any of this before. In a service business, utilization is one of the most important metrics.”

The new accounting system was positively received with high adoption. When asked about what tips he would offer others in a similar position, Kris replied, “Be patient. It takes time and effort to learn systems. Encourage as many people in your organization to have ownership of the system as possible. Accounting Seed is really flexible, but you need the knowledge and feedback of those who will be using it every day to make it a truly effective friend to your business.”

Since the Accounting Seed implementation, Nardello & Co. continues to partner with Vicasso by investing in their Continuous Innovation program, which provides a framework for identifying, designing, and implementing more business process improvements. Kris says, “It’s excellent. With a company like us, there’s no dedicated IT team. All of us wear many hats.” Meanwhile, Leslie Anasco, one of Vicasso’s Salesforce consultants, has been working with Nardello & Co. since the beginning. “He knows a lot about our firm,” Kris comments. “If we need to solve a problem, Leslie is thinking through how it applies to Nardello & Co.” 

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