Delivering a Premium Customer Experience Package with Community Cloud

"I've worked in many environments on site redesigns and this has been by far the best experience."
Jessie Kressen
Director of Marketing

O.Berk Company is a leading supplier of both custom and stock packaging for a diversity of top consumer brands and artisans. O.Berk initially sought out Vicasso to implement a redesigned product catalog powered by Salesforce. The initial project was an excellent success for O.Berk, stimulating a 20% increase in lead generation.

Read: “O.Berk Improves Website Customer Experience, Increases Lead Generation by 20%

More recently, O.Berk's marketing team realized they were experiencing a decrease in user engagement despite increasing website traffic. The previous website design had proved successful, but O.Berk had to evolve to meet the changing digital landscape. The company realized it was time to streamline the customer experience by significantly improving the look and feel of their website. The new site would need to be optimized for current SEO and mobile guidelines while enhancing communication between O.Berk’s account executives and customers.

Speaking about this experience, Jessie Kressen, Director of Marketing for O.Berk’s, says: "I've worked in many environments on site redesigns and this has been by far the best experience. I was continuously impressed with the attitude and professionalism of the Vicasso team. I felt like we were on the same team, which makes all the difference when working with a vendor. Relaunching can be a bumpy process, but the development team at Vicasso went above and beyond to ensure we launched a product we could be proud of."

O.Berk envisioned a truly immersive website experience as well as new functionality, including wishlists, and partnered with Vicasso to execute on this vision. After the redesign, customers can easily begin a “project” by saving specific catalog items. In-house collaboration is a breeze, and when ready, customers can easily connect to an O.Berk Account Executive, who can help translate their vision to reality.

Business Pressure

O.Berk looks to be an industry leader in bringing a B2C user experience to the B2B space. However, without a modern website complete with wishlist functionality, O.Berk had not realized appreciable lead generation growth--at least not to their own standards.

  • The website’s limited functionality translated to an outdated experience where customers could not quickly learn about products, or create wishlists.
  • Excessive back and forth between account executives and customers highlighted a shortcoming where the website did not invite collaboration.
  • The outdated design, in the end, led to high bounce rates.


Due to its scalability planned features, and the requirements of the new O.Berk experience, Vicasso recommended a Salesforce Community.

  • Based on O.Berk’s own modern design, Vicasso developed a new interface, substantially improving the look and feel of the existing website.
  • The introduction of a new wishlist feature, called “Projects”, changed the nature of the customer experience, inspiring better collaboration internally between customer teams as well as between customers and O.Berk Account Executives.


On the new O.Berk website, customers navigate a speedy, streamlined interface. By encouraging the creation of “Projects,” the new site empowers customers to create wishlists and share the evolving details of a Project internally with team members and externally with O.Berk Account Executives.

  • The O.Berk website now offers trackable data in account records, vastly improving analytics.
  • The new site is optimized for SEO with a mobile-friendly design, which dramatically improves the user experience.
  • The increased website functionality improves business processes across the board, inspiring innovation and increased user engagement, as well as an immediate 18% increase in lead generation within the first month.

Delivering a Premium Customer Experience Package with Community CloudLearn more about our Manufacturing solutions

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