Slice unites its teams with the power of Salesforce

"What happens with larger organizations is that you become just a number; our Vicasso consultant, Mark, became part of the team."
Jason Ordway
Chief Technical Officer

Today, if you’re looking for the best slice of pizza in your area, you open the Slice app on your phone, and in just a few clicks, your favorite pizza is delivered straight to your door. 

Slice is a pioneer in the delivery industry. With a mission to keep local businesses thriving, they strive to bring the right technology to pizza restaurants that will help them grow and allow pizza lovers to get the best local pizza, wherever they are.

Setting the foundation for digital transformation 

As Slice entered a rapid growth state—launching multiple restaurant-facing applications—they realized they had outgrown their former CRM and Salesforce was not being leveraged as the company’s central source of information. Pivoting between Salesforce, texts, emails, and other internal systems slowed them down. And what often happens with many companies, throughout the years, they take on technical debt—adding onto old processes that have become outdated. 

The goal was to make Salesforce the sole system used by their frontline team, creating a single view of their customers, and giving them the ability to pivot to market changes quickly. And it was important for their team to clean up old processes and reduce their technical debt.

But they also knew the level of effort to pull everyone and every data point to one system was massive. It’s why they turn to an experienced Salesforce partner to lend a hand. 

16K+ and growing pizzerias on slice & 50 states served

Using a hands-on approach

Jason Ordway, CTO at Slice, notes the most significant factor that made a difference for them was the direct interaction with the Vicasso team. “What happens with larger organizations is that you become just a number; our lead consultant, Mark, became part of the team. He was our go-to guy for anything the migration needed and looked out for us for future growth, too.”

Vicasso worked alongside the Slice team to consolidate processes, ensuring all other integrated systems talked. Slice turned to the Vicasso team for Salesforce best practices, too. Because Salesforce is Vicasso's full discipline, they can offer focused expertise that creates better user adoption. 

Migrating to Lightning

Slice’s migration to Salesforce Lightning was a multistep process. Their goal for the first phase was to move their Sales and Sales Operations teams to the platform which would serve as the foundation to get the rest of the company using Salesforce as its single source of truth. 

The Vicasso team made sure Slice was set up to use the latest and greatest features that Salesforce has to offer, streamlining their processes, and tightening up the communication between legacy systems that continued in place. 

The results spoke for themselves. Restaurant sign ups increased, the speed to resolve on open tasks and initial call to close increased, and the Slice’s Sales and Sales Operations teams had their entire day set up in one system—Salesforce—instead of the swivel effect they were used to between two CRMs, email, etc.

As Slice entered phase two of their Lightning Migration, they continued to leverage Vicasso's consultative services to collaborate with their internal IT team and move Customer Care and Account Management over to the same platform.

Slice unites its teams with the power of SalesforceLearn more about our Manufacturing solutions

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